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    [H]Blackrock 7/16 LF Tank/DPS Latenight guild!

    F N A is opening recruitment to bolster our roster for 10man progression. We're interested in recruiting for both rated battlegrounds and 10-man raiding.

    G1 raid times are:
    Tuesday: 10:00pm - 1:30am Server Time (PST)* 12am-3:30am (CST) 1am-4:30am (EST)
    Wednesday: 10pm - 1:30am Server Time (PST)* 12am-3:30am (CST) 1am-4:30am (EST)
    Thursday: 10:00pm - 1:30am Server Time (PST)* 12am-3:30am (CST) 1am-4:30am (EST)

    G2 raid times are:
    Wednesday: 8:00pm – 11pm Server Time (PST)* 10pm-1am (CST) 11pm-2pm (EST)
    Thursday: 8:00pm – 11pm Server Time (PST)* 10pm-1am (CST) 11pm-2pm (EST)
    Sunday: 8:00pm – 11pm Server Time (PST)* 10pm-1am (CST) 11pm-2pm (EST)

    Recruitment needs :
    Always Recruiting Exceptional Players Of any Class or Spec!
    Hunter: ilevel 470+
    War-DPS: ilevel 470+
    Paladin-Tank: ilevel 470+
    Druid-Tank: ilevel 470+


    Warlock: ilevel 460+
    Paladin-Ret: ilevel 460+
    Druid-Healer: ilevel 460+
    Shaman-Ele: ilevel 460+

    *UPDATED 10/25*

    We expect our members to maintain consistent attendance, be active participants on Blackrock, and meet basic character viability requirements for completing game content. In addition to these basic requirements, we also expect our members to maintain a positive and progression-oriented attitude, and we work with our members through individual coaching and group workshops as needed in order to maintain a fun and productive guild environment.

    We are willing to consider applicants who may be lacking experience if they demonstrate commitment and a desirable attitude, so even if you think your gear and/or achievements may not be up to snuff--fill out an application anyway!

    If you think F N A might be the right guild for you, feel free to contact

    Pandaba, Drukthar, Rrelax, Locksha or Agrobeer in game for more info
    RL-ID: aquake#1419

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