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    [A] Mio X Ritsu OTP 6/6 4/6 Recruiting. Weekend Guild.

    10m semi-hardcore
    Saturday/Sunday 3pm EST to 8pm EST
    Realm: Bleeding Hollow[A]

    Currently Recruiting:
    -Ret Paladin
    -Holy Paladin
    -Disc Priest
    -Guardian Druid
    -Prot Paladin

    We have 9 solid players. Any one of these would help round out our roster.

    If you are interested send Sockem, Icasa, Autist, Fonzi, or Smint a tell in game.

    General Info:

    We are a group of friends who have known each other and raided together on and off since BC. Our raid times are set to Saturday/Sunday because two of our members don't have the ability to raid or play much during the week. You can expect raids to last 5+ hours. Even though we only raid two days a week, we still strive for strong progression, and will be starting heroic modes for HoF and ToES once we get our raid group solidified. Loot is done via council, with rolls for close calls. We expect you not to be bad and know how to play your class etc.

    We raid for fun, so if you don't like fun then look elsewhere.
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