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    General strategy for Wind Lord Mel'jarak(25N)


    My guild has been wiping for a few nights on the fight, mostly wiping due to berserk at 20%.

    What's the usual strategy people take, order of adds to kill, which adds to CC etc.

    Our current tactic is to CC 2 of Amber-trappers and 2 of Blademasters and have assign 3 melee to interrupt each Mender. We focus(Primary target to attack, still AoE going off like normal) down the menders first so the boss gets the first 33% dmg taken buff, after which we only keep 1 of each remaining pack CC'd and Cleave Boss with AoEs on the rest. P2 should be a nobrainer what you should do for everyone.

    Current setup:
    1 Tank(Bear, rawr)
    6 Healers
    18 DPS

    Just wondering if there is a more efficient way of executing the adds phase.

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    Try to kill all adds in a window of ~20seconds, pull boss to the middle, cast BL and burn. Maybe consider CCing only 1 blademaster, 1 mender and ambers to free up a melee from interrupting and focusing on damage. Or maybe try CCing 1 blademaster, 2 ambers and keep kicking the 3 menders. More mobs --> more damage --> more effectiveness. For P2 don't let your DDs run. Assign healers on them for the rain of blades and let them move as less as required. Let your healers and range DDs stand next to windbombs to make the new spawned ones overlap the old ones.
    Generally 20% enrages arent unusual while learning new encounters. After some tries the boss suddenly dies and you might be asking yourself, where the additional damage comes from. Its all about getting used to new bosses.

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