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    [H] Lightning's Blade <Mythic> 10m 1/6H 9/16 LFM - Immediate Positions Open!

    <Mythic> is a newly formed guild that is aiming to be a top guild this expansion. We will remain on Horde - Lightning's Blade and have no plans to change faction / realm transfer. We currently have a core of 5-6 people who have been together for years. All of us have experience in end-game content. Some achievements accomplished by our individual members are the following:
    US 31st H:Rag
    Realm First Ragnaros
    Realm First Nefarian
    Realm First Sinestra
    Realm First Cho'gall.

    Our raid times are currently:
    Tuesday - 8:00 - 11:00PM EST
    Thursday - 8:00 - 11:00AM EST
    Sunday - 8:00 - 11:00AM EST
    These are subject to change in the future.

    Our current recruitment needs include:
    Warrior (DD)
    Shaman (DD)
    Monk (DD)/Healer
    These positions are not for the bench, we have immediate raid positions available for all exceptional applicants!

    What you should have before applying to <Mythic>:

    You have high raid awareness while being able to perform your job. You strive to play perfectly and rarely make mistakes that will cause your death or another raider's death. You adapt to encounters quickly and fix any error in your play immediately.

    You read and watch videos pertaining to encounters the guild will be attempting. You frequently visit information sites such as the Elitist Jerks forums to obtain the newest data on your class. You theory craft and practice spell rotations to maximize your performance. You have the best possible race and professions for your specific role.

    You always have the best gems and enchants. While gear is not everything, it is still very important.In your spare time, you participate in activities to acquire gear upgrades that is not obtained in the main raid(heroics, crafting,reputation, etc).


    You have excellent raid attendance and you are always on time. <Mythic> feels that exceptional attendance is a key factor in completing content. Absences and tardiness can only be a rarity. You are required to post on the forums prior to an absence or contact an officer in the raid.


    You enjoy raiding and want to do your best. You can take criticism and always want to improve. You are determined and love the feeling of completing something new. You want to have fun while accomplishing things as a team. You respect other players and are able to take a joke.


    You have an off spec and know how to use it. You are willing to keep up with the gear and the theory crafting to be able to help out your team in different situations.

    What else should I know about <Mythic>?

    Applicants accepted into the guild will be put at a "Trial" rank. The trial period for recruits last a minimum of 14 days. After the 14 days, guild management will evaluate your performance, attendance, and the like to decide if you will be promoted into a raiding rank. If the leadership finds that you are not an ideal member, you will be removed at this time. Termination of an applicant's trial period can also occur at any time during the 14 days should the player prove to be undesirable.

    If after reading all of the above information, you feel that you would be a good fit for our guild, please take some time to complete our application. We do ask that you are honest and answer all questions fully. Spend some time on your app. If you write a half-assed application, we will write a half-assed response. Failure to answer and provide all information for each section of the app will result in your app being instantly denied. Our roster is currently full since 10man usually has a tight-knit core, but we are always willing to evaluate trials and if you perform better, will rotate you into the core.

    For more information, you can contact me on battle.net Dev#1763 or stop by our website (still a work in progress). www(dot)MythicLB(dot)com

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