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    Guardian Reforging

    What is the priority? I just hit 90 a few days ago and since then have gotten up to a 468 ilvl and have tanked Feng, Gara'Jal and Spirit Kings on normal mode this is not playing my bear since WotLK. I have been using ReforgeLite to reforge and it just goes all out Dodge nothing else. Is there anything wrong with his or is that fine? Just wanted to know since I have not played a bear since before reforging =D

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    What do you plan to do with it?

    For normals you'll have the most success going for Rage generation early on (Hit/Exp > Crit > Haste). Once you reach a point where you feel like you're just wasting Rage, go for TDR stats (Dodge/Mastery) if you feel like it.

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    A great addon to try is Reforge Lite. =)

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