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    Inspiration Found, Direction Needed.

    So, there are a million places out there to find information like this, but I always feel better getting direct answers to my questions. I know there are genuinely intelligent people on these forums who can help me move in the direction that I finally want to move in. I currently weigh around 260, the average weight for my height is 180. The last time I weighed 260, I had a traumatic event happen and I lost 100 pounds over the course of 12 months. I was also about 10 years younger, and had a lot more money and time on my hands. I slowly gained that weight back and then lost it all after joining the military, then over the course of the past 6-12 months I have gained roughly 80 pounds and am sitting back at 260 again.

    Usually when I want to work out, I go bananas straight from the get-go. I went from not working out or eating right, to doing Insanity. Then I did the same thing with P90. Didn't get the results I wanted after 60 days or so, so I stopped. I learned later, my diet wasn't entirely right. This time, however, I want to slowly work my way into it, as opposed to going balls to the wall from day 1.

    My biggest hurdle is dieting, as is most peoples weight loss I imagine. Where I struggle is finding the first 4 meals of the day, assuming we are talking about eating 5 a day. My plans for dinner are simple, a chicken breast or two, with brown rice, a can of green beans, peas, carrots, or corn seasoned with some of the lawry's pre-packaged seasoning's. The other 4 meals are a mystery to me. I am supposed to eat roughly 1900 calories a day according to a couple calculators I have used. This is a HUGE task for me. I can barely eat 500-600, let alone 4 times that.

    I have no timeline of this weight loss, I also have a pretty low budget. I cannot afford hundreds of dollars per week in health foods and what not. This is very important to me, and my future.

    What I seek is help determining what I can eat, that is cost effective, to make up those 4 meals per day, or a variety of things, that will keep me healthy and get me to the calories I need. I am a very picky eater, which is why this has always been difficult for me, and which is why I am trying to seek physical help, as opposed to a bunch of words on a website.

    Currently I have no access to a gym, I only have a treadmill at home. I cant do anything outside as it's basically winter here, 13 inches of snow yesterday. I plan to work my way up on the treadmill for now, any activity is better than none. I will try to get more extensive workouts once I start to work my way past the usefulness of the treadmill.

    I ask that you do not troll me, I come here in good faith of the knowledge of the people on these forums. I genuinely seek help, and I want to change my self image and finally accept myself. I just need some help doing it.

    I am open to critique, ideas, etc. This is just me using the knowledge I currently have.

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    Hi there!

    these forums are usually REALLY good and helpful, I myself have been known to seek help here with very useful results!

    although I'm a little confused, you say your target net calories per day is 1900, but suggest you're only eating 500-600 a day as it is?

    generally a good place to start is finding out your BMR, then eating less than that (the more under the more weight you should lose etc) but you don't want to be eating too far under it, i don't fully understand it, but i've been told that if you eat too little (effectively starve yoruself) your body 'panics' and just stores everything.

    having the inspiration is key, but maintaining it is the hard thing, especially after you reach your target, a lot of people do really well with diets, they lose all the weight they wanted etc, hit their target and then go "yay i'm the right weight again i can go back to eating what I want" and they just end up putting weight back no again - you'll want to work out what you need to do to maintain it.

    i appreciate gym's can be expensive, and with 13 inches of snow you probably can't do much outside (apart from shovel it perhaps? =D) try to make sure you get on the treadmill daily, i guess the more the better, and also try and start doing press ups and sit ups - another one that i used to do when at uni was find a couple of large juice/milk bottles (the ones with handles) and fill them with water and do some weight style exercises with those (better than nothing)

    I'm sure other will offer better and more specific advice though.

    Good luck in your quest!

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    I do have some weights from when I was doing P90, I can use those to do some exercises. What I mean with the 500-600 calories is, that's the most I can come up with when I was eating. The chicken meal is about 2-300. Then the other meals were so small that I was only averaging about 1-200 per meal. If that. I am afraid of eating too much, but if I can get a definitive set of foods that I can eat without worrying about going over I should be good to go. I have always wanted to get in shape and lose weight, but the hardest part for me has always been figuring out what I can and should actually eat, and then liking it.

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    I've lost 60 pounds doing a strictly calories in < calories out diet. Some of the foods I eat regularly include:

    -Skinny Cow Ice Cream (low calorie ice cream sandwiches that taste pretty great)
    -Granola bars
    -Lean Cuisines (lunches at work)
    -PB&J in a tortilla
    -Digornio Thin Crust Mini-Pizzas (about 500 calories by themselves)
    -Snickers Ice Cream bars (I have a huge sweet tooth if you can't tell, these are 180 calories per bar)
    -Anything I can fit in my crock pot. I'll regularly put a meat (usually chicken breast or chuck roast), some potatoes, carrots, and onions in it. Add silly amounts of favorite spices to taste.

    Since you said you have a treadmill, look into Couch 2 5K. It's a great entry running program thats designed for people who haven't worked out in years (or ever) and works them up to running a 5k over 9 weeks. It's also free. There's several phone apps for it, I use RunDouble (its a couple bucks on android phones if I remember right, but worth every penny).

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    Good luck.

    Please do not listen to the guy above.Yes,you can lose weight that way,but if you are having difficulty and yo-yo'ing your weight eating snickers ice cream bars and Lean cuisines isn't going to help in the long run.
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