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    Brewmaster PVP Discussion

    I absolutely LOVE Brewmaster for Pvp, The fact that at lvl 90 it takes 3-4 people to kill me is crazy


    Self Heals
    Loads of C/C


    Little lacking on mobility

    I am looking for comments and criticism on talents and glyphs, lets get a discussion going guys.

    Talents -

    15 - Tigers Lust
    30 - Zen Sphere
    45 - Power Strikes *Thinking about trying out Chi Brew*
    60 - Leg Sweep
    75 - Diffuse Magic
    90 - Xuen, the White Tiger

    Glyphs -

    Breath of Fire
    Fortifying Brew
    Crackling Jade Lightning

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    I have been wanting to try this out instead of mistweaver for the sake of me just not digging healing for pvp even though apparently its better than windwalker lol.
    This made me laugh!
    Quote Originally Posted by lukerocks View Post
    just roll a warrior. instead of crying about the imbalance - be the imbalance.

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