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    [H] 10M 3/6H MSV 3/6 HoF LF Bal & Rogue

    [We used to be Good] 10m Semi-Hardcore on Baelgun - US Horde - PVE - Est

    We are a tight nit group with the same mind set; [Progression]! All of our raiders come from top 75 US guilds that just couldn't do 7 nights anymore. We maintain very strong progression on a 3 night raid schedule. We just moved to Baelgun so our progression on wow progress is incorrect for right now.

    MSV 6/6 R - 3/6 H
    HoF 3/6 R -

    Raid Schedule: 8:30pm to 12am Est Most nights end at 11:30pm
    Tues, Wed, Thurs, and if needed Monday.

    Loot system:
    Goes to best upgrade and or raid need.

    We have two core raider spots opening up.
    Class Recruitment:
    Balance Druid
    Dps Warrior
    Ele Shaman

    We are also accepting casual members to strengthen our community.

    If you are exception at your class please feel free to contact us.

    Icat - icat#1380
    Greybush - Greybush69#1510
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    Still looking for Balance Druid and a Rogue. These are core spots.

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    Updated information

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