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    Catalysmic PvP Gear

    Hi, i can't find the Cataclysmic pvp gear vendor and was wondering whether anyone knew where it is? I just want the gear for Transmorg

    Thanks for the replies in advance!

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    The last set (or more?) of the cataclysmic PVP gear was removed from vendors (or the vendors themself were removed). It is no longer obtainable.

    Imagine how I cursed at blizz when I found out about this just when I wanted to go and buy the 2h sword so my starshatter looked not quite as sparkly. <.<

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    Glad I got all my Cataclysmic gear post 5.0 but pre MoP I assumed they were going to do this.

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    Well that sucks
    Although you can still buy Vicious gear... weird

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    They planned on re-adding it on 5.1 but due to "technical difficulties it may be pushed back to 5.2" they say, their's a blue post somewhere.

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    It's in the game right now. Just saw it at the Dalaran Arena vendors. Ruthless was added as well.

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