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    Warrior: Precision strike

    Hello, and welcome.

    I was bored at work, and as a Warrior by heart i started daydreaming a bit. I read some threads about Execute being OP, then i read that some warriors didnt really like the concept of a sub-20% execute that hits like a truck. (Dissapointed guys.. dissapointed) Regardless, i was wondering, what would i do, if i were warrior class designer and had the power to adress some issues, atleast PvEwise. And it hit me, we scale badly with haste as it is, so i looked around, what does other classes do, in order to make their classes more interesting, and personally, i like procmechanics, and stacking mechanics that change your rotation.

    So here goes.

    I want warriors to scale with haste, and up the rotation a little bit, and my way to do that, is our execute and our mechanic rage.

    I was looking at the combat rogue mechanic combat guile and i wanted to copy how it works, and then apply it to warriors - More specifikly in the sense of precision strike. Now what is precision strike? Well, its the new passive gained by choosing the arms specialization.

    It scales directly with haste, with increased %-chance to proc equal to that of your haste(or half of your haste value, its balance, who knows.) Aswell as proc'ing off Autoattacks.
    Now you ask, what does this, precision strike actually do?
    Its a three step buildup proc, that when it reaches max allows the use outside sub 20% execute. Everytime you gain a stack, you also increase the rage gained from Mortal strike by 5, for a total of 5-15-20 rage(Normal MS would be reduced to a 5rage gain with no stacks). At the third proc, youll have a 6 second duration(could change) for you to use execute before the stack resets, that allows for 1 MS + 1 EXE benefitting from that 3stack buff.

    So to recap.

    Precision strike

    • Autoattacks proc the buff, precision striking.
    • It procs off Auto attacks, and the chance for it to proc is directly related to your haste %
    • When you gain the third proc, it transform into a buff, wich lasts 6 seconds, increasing your MS rage gain with 15 and allows the use of Execute once spending the proc wheni thats being done.
    • the previous stacks increase MS rage gain by 5 and 10

    I think its brilliant, but as a parent, i dont think im allowed to judge. I know it has some serious PvP issue, but i believe its nothing that cant be worked around. Would that be something that could spice up the arms rotation? Does it fit more into the fury category?

    Whats the verdict? :>

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    While the idea sounds cool iam sure another stack mechanic would be horrible for pvp balancing.
    Every now and then you execute someone followed by a 4-5 stack HS...only leads to more stupid nerfs (and for all we know blizzard most likely make warrior move at 50% speed while pvp flagged in the future..becaue burst isnt the problem uptime is. True Story.).

    And personally i dont like having a rollercoster dps where i do nice dps on lucky days and shit when rng gods look the other way. But thats just me.

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    SMF is even more Execute dependant and Haste is (I think? IDK) worse for fury than Arms, so any change would need to help Fury's "love" of haste as well.

    If you made the Execute deal 33% normal damage on players, ala Csmash, I think it could be balanced... ish.
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    Haste is retarded.
    Haste will never work well with Warriors.

    Why ? Because Warriors mechanics are entirely based around critical strike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punctured View Post
    Haste is retarded.
    Haste will never work well with Warriors.

    Why ? Because Warriors mechanics are entirely based around critical strike.
    ^This is bang on.

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    You're definitely working for IBM.

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    It's kind of akward though, how they itemized 2/3rd's of the Tier 14 gear around DK's and Paladins.

    Haste trinkets make me sad.

    We're in a pretty good place right now even with this lame duckling of a stat regardless. Perhaps in the next class rework, a couple patches down.

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    I'm fine with warriors not scaling with haste and honestly don't see why we need to make haste more appealing for warriors. Not every stat needs to be interesting to every class. I would much rather see changes that would remove RNG procs from the class, or at least make them more stable, rather basically causes us to be OP with high gear and suck at lower level gear.

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    Warriors will never want haste so long as we are so crit dependent, and it would take a huge overhaul of the warrior class to change that.

    Now I would like if they would make our mastery something more interesting, like making the extra attack generate a bit of rage whenever it procs.

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    Dannyl nailed it for me, it makes the game more interesting when you've got one really superior secondary stat that's often times different for each class. It makes each tier of gear more exciting and makes each class play in unique ways and deliver different things.

    When I play my warrior it's all about crits - hopefully super-large crits and resource management. Fury is all about hoping you've always got an enrage going and waiting for that window where you can execute.

    My paladin is all about CD usage. Getting all your CDs stacked up and lined up and just pure burst, forget the crits you want haste so you're able to use your heavy hitters as often as possible. Resource management is actually pretty minimal, do you have 3 or more holy power? Then hit TV! Do you have less, then follow your priority.

    My DK is back to haste but also resource management. Wanting your runes up as much as possible, crits coming automatically to frost with such a heavy proc-rate. So you figure out exactly which skills to use and when to use them, how to spend your runes and the faster they come back the better off you are.

    Anyway OP, the idea sounds fun but it's also rather a step back towards the days of old taste for blood with overpower and it would lead to execute being nerfed and when execute is nerfed warriors bitch. Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch. If nothing else, think of my poor ears having to listen to people whine about how their DPS was gutted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roseby View Post
    It's kind of akward though, how they itemized 2/3rd's of the Tier 14 gear around DK's and Paladins.
    2/3 of the gear for 2/3 of the classes? Well, I never! T12 and T13 were sad times to not want crit as a DK, though, so I sympathize. It's okay for some stats to be more desirable than others; it's really not cool when the only option for a slot in an entire tier has the worst stats. Reforging only partially alleviates this.

    I think the solution is to improve haste somehow, although I can't think of a good way to do it.

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    I would love to get the old Sudden Death back, where we could get a random proc on hit to use execute above 20%. That'd be... awesome.

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