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    400-500k dps of fire mages at Un'Sok (5/6 in hof)

    Guys, tell me please....


    WTF is going on?!

    I havent been on this boss yet, but how the hell those mages doing 400+k dps, look at their top skills used...

    Combustion made 60-70% of dps, a lot of hunderds...

    Any ideas?

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    During the fight there are a ton of adds that spawn, some of their dps could come from spreading their dots onto them. However, most likely the reason their dps is so high is due to the fact that the boss will target players in the raid and try to convert them into some amber type monster, while in that form you have an attack that you can perform that applies a stacking debuff on the boss that increases the damage he take by 10% per stack for 1 minute.

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    Quoting from http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/5848167893
    (will be probably locked or deleted)

    When the boss reaches 70% health it transitions into phase 2 of the encounter and the boss casts Amber Carapace onto himself and takes 99% reduced damage. The boss will then spawn Amber Monstrosity.
    If a mage builds up a nice ignite and uses combustion just before the boss takes 99% reduced damage, he can then spread the combustion onto the Monstrosity. For some reason when the dots from the boss are spread onto other targets the dot damage gets multiplied by x99 and the Monstrosity is then taking 2.5m non crit (5.7m crit)

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    Fixed an issue that could cause Inferno Blast to interact with Amber Carapace in a way that dealt extreme damage to secondary targets.

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    nice ;p i guess many guild teams loves their mages last days... ;p

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    Now that it's fixed, next thing they should sort out is tank damage. :<

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