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    Little Guild of Horrors ( LGOH ) is Recruting - EU Sylvanas Alliance

    Raid guild, Little Guild of Horrors EU-Sylvanas is Recruiting fresh peoples for our 2nd Progress group. At this moment, we cleared Normal MV (6/6) HOF 2/6 and we plan to clear all raids (16/16) before hitting Hard Modes.

    Currently we have 2 open spots:

    - 1x Tank (Druid or DK)
    - 1x Healer (Druid, Monk)
    - All other Classes will be Consider

    We raid 3 times per week, starting from 20:30 until 00:00 server time.
    Common language is English.
    We are really friendly mature top end players
    Guild members are always there to support you and help you.

    If you look into more details wisp ingame:
    - Shomty , Bullettz , Cablov or Icke.

    Or in our Battle Tag Shomzy#2234 , Bullettz#2542
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