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    [RBG] Regaining Momentum in EotS

    Hey guys,

    Im more of an arena and random bg hero, never really made the transition to Rated BG's because I didn't really have time to commit to it. Regardless, after doing a few I have a question regarding EotS.

    Once your team is on the backfoot, how do you turn that around? For example, the enemy team has three capped. Going for the flag is out of the question inasmuch as it is "winning strategy", for obvious reasons. (If you don't know why then you can't help me here, lol).

    That leaves, as far as I know, zerging a node. Unless you're excellent at wiping groups then you aren't going to kill people quickly enough to stop them from feeding straight back into the fight with the gy's so close to the flag points. Also, while you are zerging, it's potentially simple for them to keep running the flag.

    Then of course there's zerging through the middle, grabbing the flag (killing en FC if req), THEN pushing to a node... But they can always just take our last node back, ignoring our zerg through mid, and leave us three capped again, provided we cap a node anyway.

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    You've answered your own question.
    It is obvious, zerg a node and hope for the ninja cap.
    There is essentially no other way.

    In RBGs unless you are severly better than the other team once you fall behind it is very hard to pick it back up.

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    Reset the game by gripping/knocking the flag carrier into the turn-in spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Funkthepunk View Post
    Reset the game by gripping/knocking the flag carrier into the turn-in spot.
    Yep. What i've always done. Even easier now with the dk 4pc. Send DK-healer (i send hpala) to that place. CC the enemy priest if there is one (prevent Leap of Faith). Have dk grip onto cap while your team is waiting in mid. During the BG always have your rogue trying to ninja cap. MT is especially easy to do so due to being able to cap while not on stairs.

    This only works if you have 2 bases and they have flag, of course.

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    I don't see a problem with this really. They got the upper hand and they deserve to be in a better position to win the game. Defending a node is easier than getting a node and I don't see anything wrong. In Gilneas its the same thing, defending is way easier than attacking.
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