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    Windsong still best for Fire

    Like the title says is Windsong still the better weapon enchant vs Jade Spirit? I am getting mixed info from mages on my server and people that i have talked to and my GM is also wanting me to get it.

    This is my Armory just in case it makes a difference.

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    the best information I can find indicates that at present, they are very close, and there isnt much consensus as to which is better for certain classes such as fire mage. Windsong seems to proc more often than it is supposed to, having about 60% uptime in practice.

    In 5.1, jade spirit will be 2 RPPM and *should* be considerably better than windsong at that point

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    There is a discussion on this matter on the very last page of the Fire mage guide, stickied at the top of this Forum.

    As you can see, our fire mages also can't seem to fully agree on the matter. I am also locking this thread and invite you to continue posting on the matter in the Fire thread linked above.

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