I am Terrible with logs so not even going to go into in depth annalist, but a few general tips because your hps is pretty low.

Make sure you start every fight with 5 HP, EF the tank with a 3 HP as soon as he starts and if it is a 2tank fight just HS then 3 hp the off tank as well. If 1 tank fight just build HP then EF the first person to take damage. On tank swapping fights remember to swap Beacon

For EF Blanket what I do at the start of the fight, I use CS,HF, and HR to build EF quick and you can 1 Hp blanket the raid pretty quick, after that I just HS on CD and keep EF rolling on as many targets as possible and obviously heal the tank/raid with Holy Light and Divine light when needed.

Use CS so many just don't use this at all, in moments of low healing it is a good additional holy power generator to keep EF on all targets. Obviously this is not possible on all fights and I am not saying use it on CD for the whole fight but it is still a good skill to use when you have time/mana.

Stagger your CD's usaage with lights hammer, on fights where you know there is going to be big moments of AoE damage,on one use a DF then Hammer, next one use Wings then Hammer, next one use Guardian get the haste buff then use hammer.

Plea and SPI Trinkets make sure you click them on CD, see so many paladins waiting until they are low then start using Plea/Trinkets by that point is is to late.

Holy Radiance and LoD use them. People get this idea in there head that because they have EF they can only use holy power on that. HR/LoD are still very powerful when everyone is bunched up. I have had good results recently when everyone bunched up for a mass aoe doing 1hr/1hp lod spaming then HS with improved AoE healing from proc then 1hp Lod again then repeat the cycle. I found doing this gives more chances of DS procs.