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    Help with raid comp!

    So our current raid comp is as follow

    Blood dk
    Prot warrior


    Bm hunter (me)
    Frost mage
    Aff lock
    Ele shammy
    Fury warrior

    My current question is this, for 3 healing fights the shammy has a resto off spec, But would it be more befifical for myself to retire my hunter and play my disc priest and keep the shammy ele or make him go resto full time and play my hunter or priest for better raid utility.

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    Overall this seems like a pretty solid raidcomp, My suggestion would thats you retired your hunter and played shadow on your priest insted. It would help with smoothing out the roll on tokens and shadowpriest have more utility then Bm hunters do (offhealing, grip and stronger cleave). You can even use symbiosis to get an extra tranq. But if you reroll you shammy should also go Enhancment with resto offspecc so you can use all loot and not have 4 ppl rolling on caster trinkets.
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