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    Bag space advice (especially for scribes)

    Hey all just wondering how you guys go about using your bag space efficiently, especially big time glyph makers. I find that i am really having a hard time with space as i expand my market.

    Basically im using 3x scribe bags and i think a 24 slotter (no im not buying a royal satchel!!), is there a better way to do this as im basically down to 5-6 empty spots which will disappear soon enough. This makes it a pain in the ass to mill herbs. Im guessing i just gotta suck it up and use my bank space and rotate glyphs into my bags to post?? Any advice would be great!!

    Glyph making is making me a lot of gold for the effort im putting in but this is my only issue!

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    For me at least, it's all about bank guilds and bank alts. If you're cheap (and have room), make multiple guilds/alts and you only need to buy a few (less expensive) guild bank slots each.

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    This is what I do:

    Bags get full - I post auctions. I empty mail until bags get full - I post auctions. I buy mats. I mill mats. Bags get full - I make inks. I have inks - I make glyphs. I auction glyps. Bags are now empty for next time.

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    If you have mats/glyphs you don't put on the AH every 48 hours, move them to a bank alt with a bank guild, as mentioned. There's no need to keep so much stuff in your (I guess) main's bags if you're not crafting with it or posting it to the AH.
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    I have a bank alt entirely devoted to inscription. It has a 6 tab bank in which I store all my glyph stockpile, and it keeps my ink stockpile in the mail (that's the annoying bit as my stockpile is always more than 50 mails so I have to move them around more than I'd generally like). All of my auctions are posted and managed via that alt. Then I use 3 glyph bags and a reg bag for normal milling/ink making/crafting on my scribe toon.

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