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    Amber Shaper - Beacon healing Parasitic Growth?

    Anyone know for certain if beacon heals count towards the Parasitic Growth debuff?

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    I imagine it does. When we killed Amber on 25, we had no problem with the debuff. If it's a mage, pally, or rogue that gets the debuff they can get rid of it right away. Other just have the person get out of aoe heals and use a cooldown. If they get below ~30% you can just toss a Divine Light on them.

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    Yeah I kinda figured it would, it would be too OP for it not to but you never know with these things there is often gimmicks that bypass mechanics.

    I will test it tonight, I didn't think of it last week I just sac'ed the person if they started taking too much damage. Also had people who could remove it do so, rogues, mages, pallies.

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    It seemed like our healers were still throwing a few heals on the debuffed people. And when I threw a DL on them, it didn't make a difference at all damage wise.

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    I was watching the dot and it seemed to increase a lot when I healed them with beacon... but it could be that we have a Mistweaver monk lol

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    Healing them with beacon doesn't work, however Hand of Purity does work, and makes it incredibly easy to handle the debuff.

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