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    If u look at the top, in bis crit n haste both destroy mastery, so the reforging u did into mastery could be used elsewhere probably.
    What BiS list is he going by? My question is because most of the BiS lists are generated using sites like wowdb and wowhead well before the gear is actually available or obtainable by even a small population of the WoW community. For example, the Essence of Terror (heroic) trinket, not even obtainable so we don't even know if it is broken or not. If it is broken, it won't be BiS for long unless the devs fix it right away. Also, BiS Lists assume the best race, professions, etc. BiS for a Horde toon is not going to be the same as BiS for an Alliance toon. BiS for an Orc is going to be different then BiS for a Goblin.

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    Well, using wow reforge I can get 5300 haste and 5100 mastery. to get more haste I have to use it from the mastery. I'll sim that and post results.

    Another question is, I am not using 320 gems in any of my blue/yellow sockets. Has anyone tested swapping out the 80int/160 mastery for the straight 320 mastery/haste gems?. I don't want to do this because the simple fact that Int scales higher then mastery/haste.

    Is there a haste breakpoints for Doom, or is it the same as corruption? I cant see it anywhere on the Google charts posted in this thread.[

    OK so I reforged to 5200 haste and 5180 mastery, and gained 600dps, scale factors were still pretty much the same, so I then ran a plot from Mastery > Haste and haste >mastery, results were as follows for 1000 reforge

    I cant get the chart to post in here, but haste was a big step forward in reforging another 1000 haste from mastery was 600 more dps, it went from 93426 dps, to 94018 dps, reforging 1000 haste to mastery was 400 dps loss.

    So at current stats of 6157 haste/4100 mastery/2377 crit, was the higest I simmed at. I ran the reforge plots at these stats and interesting results were 1000 haste to mastery was no gain whatsoever, it seemed to plateau out at around 6000 haste, for me anyways
    You cannot reforge one stat into another from the same optimized gear set and expect a gain. Remember when I said earlier it is about balancing the 3 stats? Balancing the stats doesn't mean have the same amount of haste/crit/mastery all the times. It means having the same ratio of stats. For every percent of haste you gain, you should also be gaining in mastery and crit, if you don't, simcraft will weight the lacking stat higher. Think of it like filling a 30 gallon jug, a 50 gallon jug, and a 100 gallon jug full of water. The challenge isn't to fill them all in order, the challenge is getting each jug to full at the same time. Meaning you would pour water faster into the 100 gallon jug then you would the 30 gallon jug. If you go to fast on the 100 gallon jug, you will have to turn the spout down so that the 30 and 50 can catch up.

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