Do you take raiding seriously but have out-of-game family or professional commitments that limit your play time? Do you like the smaller 10m format? Are you looking for a community of mature adults who are patient and laid back but also skilled and focussed when it comes to raid times?

Yes? Then IPC wants YOU!

If, however, you are gunning for high realm rank, feel the need to be publicly recognized as an elite player by the server community, enjoy public epeening over how awesome you are or how terrible someone else is, or don't understand how a successful team of elite raiders can by happy with a low profile and slower progression than the top-ranked guilds simply due to having less gaming time, then IPC is not the guild for you. There are plenty of other guilds that would be much better fits for you.

Who we are:
Formed in the months before the release of Cataclysm, IPC is a relatively small guild made up of a core 13-man raid team, raiding 2 nights/wk (Tu/Thurs 8:15-11pm) since being formed.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for mature adults who are looking for the satisfaction of efficient progression in limited raid time as part of a close-knit team. We couldn't care less about realm ranking, and we will happily continue to fly beneath the Mal'ganis radar. Specifically, we are looking for:

  • 1 ranged DPS
  • 1 heals

For more info and to apply, head to:

Raid Schedule:
Tues & Thurs nights from 8:15-11pm central time.

Expectations of Raiders:
We limit our official raid time to these 2 nights to enable professionals and parents to be able to raid while maintaining their out-of-game responsibilities. Because of this, we expect raiders to be prepared and ready to go promptly and be ready to focus throughout the raid.

We expect raiders to maintain a >70% attendance, to let the leadership know at least a day ahead of time if they will not be able to make it, and to understand if they have to sit out occasionally in order to maintain this flexibility for the raid team as a whole. All 13 raiders are considered full members of the raid team. There are no "alternate" or "bench" positions on the team.

While we use a modified need/greed roll system, we are all focussed on beating game content first and foremost. We all realize that the loot will come and is strictly a means to this end. If you are motivated more by personally getting new gear than by working together as a team to overcome the challenges of new encounters, please don't apply.