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    Class war: which class requires less keystrokes/abilities?

    I play different classes, and after some bosses fights, I noticed my (left) hand suffered more from using more keystrokes, depending on the class I was playing. At this moment, I feel I hurt the most playing on my BM hunter (think SV hunter is a tad less hurting), but maybe it's something only in my mind. When I play my shadow priest, I hurt way less...

    So I'm asking you guys: do you think certain class/specs requires more abilites/less rest, to achieve maximum output?

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    My monk I use 4-5 moves not counting CD's. My mage i use 4-5 moves not counting CD's. I think average classes use about 4-6 moves in their rotations. Maybe get a new keyboard or some padding for your hand.

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    I don't think the keystrokes matter. It's the speed and the fight. My hand hurts like hell after Elegon, for instance, on my 2H frost DK. Even though I only use 3 specific abilities for the most part, I have to spam them constantly and properly switch between two of them based on runes & KM procs. It's a lot of work for the hand.

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    Honestly multi button mouses are amazing for this.

    I have a Razer Naga and use both my left hand on keyboard keys 1-6 and at least 6 other spells bound to my mouse keys, if not more. I do still end up spamming keys sometimes but as Darsithis said, it has to do with the speed of the fight and not as much which class I'm playing at the time.

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    This only really makes any difference in pvp, though.

    But frost dk's use by far the least number of abilities. No pet class even comes close to only using 4-5 abilities. Hunters and warlocks are both on the top end of number of keybinds required for successful pvp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiGG View Post
    So I'm asking you guys: do you think certain class/specs requires more abilites/less rest, to achieve maximum output?
    Since I heal what hurts is the finger tips more than anything else, especially on an AV marathon.

    But for DPS, yes, got to say Frost DKs really have fewer buttons to push, but they trade that off for all their movement (that's a class you move around a lot on, always running after prey). Haven't watched my sis that much as an Arcane mage currently (she still plays the game) but she says she has more options...but still hear the ONE BUTTON clicking like mad as she blows things up. That's got to hurt after awhile, just like in shooters.
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