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    473 DpsWar/464 RSham LF Late night raiding guild

    Title says it all,

    I'm currently looking to raid with a guild that starts around 8:00pm PST to go as late as 2:00am PST on Mon-Thurs. Primarily playing my Fury warrior at the moment but fully willing to play my Resto shaman, the gear just requires a little more work seeing as I just leveled him to 90 not too long ago. I also have semi-decent offset gear for tanking on my warrior, about 465 ilvl, obviously would require some more work, but the option is there for those who are interested . I have plenty of raid experience on multiple toons that stretches back all the way to vanilla. I have been in top guilds and I have been in casual guilds. For the time being I just want to get back into raiding due to the fact that I had to stop back in April due to school. However I am graduated and employed now so am looking to fill my weekday nights with some raiding!

    Fully willing to go more in depth with my past raiding experience for people willing to talk to me.

    Due to being a new account on mmo-champ I cant link my armory links, so here are my character names and the server I play on.
    Warrior armory: Subsonnic - US- Tichondrius
    Shaman armory: Spuddicus- US- Tichondrius

    I look forward to talking to with anyone, server/faction is not an issue to me.

    Real ID- Spudface #1718

    Thanks for taking the time to read

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    Hi there,

    <Night Raiders>

    11pm PST


    Adding you via Real ID now.

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