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    Holy Questions

    Hey guys I've recently come back to the game and have been playing my holy paladin again. Gearing up atm in LFR and I have a few questions and im having a hard time finding real answers to and hope someone can help

    Im looking to real theorycrafted answers not just "I tried it once and its cool, trust me" and UP TO DATE INFORMATION, not stuff from 2-3 years ago please.

    Glyphs -

    Glyph of illumination - is it worth it?
    Im currently working on building as crit instead of mastery or haste because I can, would playing this style benefit more from this glyph or would the raw regen from spirit still trump it?

    Glyph of divine plea - is the mana return the same?

    Glyph of light of dawn - will it output more healing in pve or is it just meant for arena or something?

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    Crit build in PvE is suboptimal is a good source.

    Both LoD and divine plea glyphs are 100% useless.

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    Yeh I know its not meta but atm we're at the end of xpac so its the last chance to give it a shot before we go back to being crappy geared again in wod.

    thanks for the link mate ill give it a read

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