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    Elegon, dpsing and simming questions.

    Hey all !

    So as the topic says, I am looking for some information on Fistweaving. I understand the basics totally, 3xtiger palm 2x BoK etc etc and using Xuen for extra hps output.

    Having said that, what do people use as like a filler for max dps? I have been using Chi wave for the chi dump and the extra heals. We're going to be progressing on heroic elegon this week, and I want to get my numbers up to a good rate. At the moment, say on Amber shaper I was pulling 46k dps (with the damage buff) but I want to up my game a little (or a lot)

    Which leads me to, what are people using to sim ? On my resto druid I used Rawr, but that isn't updated for monks as of yet. I was thinking about Simulation craft, but it scares me a little with all the math and the numbers, but if it works I will of course learn to use it.

    Thanks all

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    So....I'll just keep going like I'm going then And post in here when I have tried simcraft.

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