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    So I found this hidden Mogu Energy Rune

    Hey, I recently found a hidden Mogu Energy Rune at the bottom of Elegon's Pit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...3wFK9vo#t=255s

    anyone knows what this is?

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    Entertainment to the ones whom didn't move away at the right time? To give them a chance to speculate a bit? Dunno. Maybe just a UI thing.
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    What's the song's name?

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    looks like the fight was meant to involve a lift.

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    yeah, kinda wonder what it is my self.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NaotoKan View Post
    What's the song's name?

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    I saw that too when i died in the hole on elegon... I'd like to know what it is.

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    If you press it while falling you won't die, go check it out
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    Quote Originally Posted by ag666 View Post
    I you press while falling you won't die, go check it out

    i see what you did there

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    I've never fallen in the hole because the very first time I did LFR someone started screaming at people whenever the floor was about to fall out (I guess he had some bad experiences).

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