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    No "final quest" at Exalted with the August Celestials - dissappointing.

    Wow, it pretty baggered me that you got no additional daily quests with the Shado-Pan and Celestials at honored and revered, but it also seems that there's no final quest for the Celestials when you hit Exalted, unlike all the other factions on Pandaria.

    Pretty dissappointing, because I certainly wasnt aiming for exalted for another cloud serpent mount, which also costs 9k gold.

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    well if you go cradle of the red crane often enough there will be a final quest which awards an achievement (nothing else as far i know).
    you can call that an AC final quest, though its less obvious then the klaxxi/golden lotus or shado-pan ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlrm365 View Post
    No final quest?
    There is.
    The Might of Three >> The Final Power
    You'll get them after the daily quests reset, if you can't immediately see them at Exalted.
    Considering you get an epic neck-piece, I am amazed those weren't on your radar.
    Those quests are for Golden Lotus exalted.

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    Of course. First thing in the morning, here.
    I didn't notice the lack of August Celestials quest, as I was just happy to get Exalted.
    Quite a few reps don't have final quests. The "cool stuff" is your reward.
    If you haven't finished Golden Lotus, you've at least got that to look forward to.

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    Such things leave a taste of "rushed content" in my mouth after experiencing the final quests for Klaxxi, Shado-Pan and especially the awesauce Golden Lotus was!

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