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    Remove Color from Items

    I have seen complaints a few times from people about changing the color of LFR items to blue. And "welfare epics" is an age old concern. Considering all the drama based on an item color (even though the ilvl of said items is lower) how would one feel if all items were white? (No I am not a white supremacist) - If you don't like white, maybe all items could be green. Then you could have grey, white and green items. Only difference of course would be ilvl/stats.

    If all magical items were green then you couldn't complain about a certain area dropping a different color (even though the color doesnt matter) - and you could focus on what matters - stats.

    But then again I am sure this would cause people to complain that there loot (albeit better than the others) is the same color as everyone else -
    "I raid heroic why is my gear with ilvl 50000 the same color as LFR with ilvl 42? wtf bliz gg I should have a different color this is so unfair"

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