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    <Fierce> US 3rd 10 Man 6/6H MV LF Tank + Heal

    Guild Name: Fierce
    Realm: Bleeding Hollow (PVP)
    Server Timezone: EST
    Guild Master: Revolt (Alt: Revoltz)
    Website: www.fierce-guild.net
    Real-ID: [email protected]
    Battle-Tag: Revolt#1101

    <Fierce> is a high end raiding guild for players who want to raid at the highest level and who are extremely competitive. We are currently ranked US 2nd and World 13th and are 6/6H MV (10 Man). We finished Tier 13 ranked US 5th and World 66th for 10 Mans. The guild was created on October 11th, 2008. Since our inception, we have always maintained a top rank in the US/World whilst racking up realm first titles and achievements ranging from Celestial Defender to Savior of Azeroth. This guild is made for those with the will to succeed and the ambition to play at their finest.

    Classes Desired:

    We have one opening for an exceptional tank and healer.. The classes listed below, will be looked at if you're an exceptional applicant.

    High: Blood DK, Prot Paladin, Mistweaver Monk, Resto Shaman
    Medium: Guardian Druid, Resto Druid

    Mists of Pandaria Progression

    6/6 Heroic MV (US 2nd/World 13th 10 Man)
    6/6 Normal HoF

    Cataclysm Progression

    8/8 Heroic Tier 13 (All Pre-Nerf. Madness Kill Date: Jan 29th)
    7/7 Heroic Tier 12
    13/13 Heroic Tier 11

    WOTLK Progression:
    Realm First Grand Crusader, Realm First Death's Demise, Realm First Celestial Defender. TOGC/Ulduar/Naxx Fully Cleared on Normal/Heroic

    Raid Times

    All times are EST, which is also Bleeding Hollow's server time;

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 9:30-12:30 EST

    Fierce will raid five nights a week during progression and, in certain circumstances, may raid later than the listed times. The guild will raid significantly less hours during farm content.

    We want our players to have these qualities. If you do not, you will more then likely not be an ideal recruit for us:
    • You need to care about ranks. Both guild and personal. You strive to push yourself to rank on world of logs as well as care about how fast we down content to maintain a top rank in the US/World.

    • You must have similar experience to us in Cataclysm which would mean your gear is pretty much up to par.You are able to maintain near 100% attendance. We do not have back-ups for each position and need players we can count on to be there minus emergencies and things that cannot be avoided.

    • You must have both Mumble and a mic. Not only that but you must have the ability to talk when needed.

    • You must be able to think on your own. I don't want to be directing you on every little thing you should be doing when things go crazy. You must be able to realize when you make a mistake, know what it was, and then be able to not repeat that mistake.

    • You enjoy hanging out on Mumble and talking to members before/after raids. We want players who want to socialize with the guild. Not be a drone who logs in to slay dragons.

    Visit our site at www.fierce-guild.net
    Speak to Revolt or Nerio in game on Bleeding Hollow.
    Apply today!

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    LF an exceptional tank and healer

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    LF an exceptional tank and healer

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    LF an exceptional tank and healer

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    LF an exceptional tank and healer

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    LF an exceptional tank and healer

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    LF an exceptional tank and healer

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    LF an exceptional tank and healer

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    LF an exceptional tank and healer

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    LF an exceptional tank and healer

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    LF an exceptional tank and healer

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