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    Takes the best of previous expansions into one.
    Players ask for everything to be faster, easier and completely optional and then when they get bored they can't understand why.

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    CRZ and no AoE until level 90...bye.

    CRZ essentially made it impossible for me to level my alts without client crashing (hanging up waiting on to respond). Then finding out that my favorite of favorite Holy paladin now doesn't even have one AoE anymore unless buying MoP and leveling to 90. I was hoping to play without MoP leveling alts, and I need an AoE to help the little guys through their leveling. With both well placed hits to enjoyment, game play was no longer worthwhile or meaningful anymore. Unsubbed.
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    Dailies everywhere, but so much to do.

    Also, on another note, why the heck are the Tiller's dailies the only fun ones? From harvesting crops to only having one hub, they're just so much more enjoyable than the other factions. I actually look forward to doing them, unlike the Golden Lotus or Shado-pan.

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    I thought it would hold my interest for longer than a month.

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    The asian theme and pandas are annoying.

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    World of grindaria? God be glad none of you played during vanilla....... had to grind every day for hours to prepare for raid, oh and that didn't get you the gold you needed to repair either.

    As for my 1 sentence 'A return to the right road', great expansion so far, heading back the right way for raiding, time involvement, content to do.
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    Return to the fun enjoyment of a game that provides many choices of what to do.
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    More of the same garbage, so still mind-numbingly boring.

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    Glad I don't play it. Never liked dailies (besides Netherwing ones).
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    The comforting exhilaration of learning and honing my skills in a new environment is back.

    There's almost not a single aspect of MoP that I am not in favor of that can be directly tied to MoP itself. The only issues I've had come from being on a high-population PVP server in one of those "if I leave this guild, I won't be playing WoW with my friends anymore, so I'll just unsub and find another game" kind of situations. I like the dailies, I honestly do. Having to watch out for friggin Aredone to shutdown entire hubs for hours at a time isn't very enjoyable, but that's not the expansion's fault.

    EDIT: Still extremely confused why so many people who comment on these point out that they don't play MoP and yet want to share their opinions on it. Like complaining about a movie you didn't actually watch and refuse to.
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    It gives the thoughtless muppets found on forums something to talk about and to compare to a version of the game they either don't remember properly or never played, avoiding them leaking into society for a few minutes longer.

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    Unsubbed, same old stuff with new art assets. Got bored of the rep grinding, the boring easy aoe-fest dungeons, and knowing I dont have time to contribute to be in progression raiding and I dont have any desire to do daycare raids just to see content. 85-90 was fun though, all the voice acting and visuals were cool.

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    Pandas.... Why did it have to be pandas...

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    I finished every reputation today, so no more dailes (only two daily q achievement remains for me), i also really like Pet Battles, raids are Challenging, Challenge modes are also good feature. Heck, i even like scenarios. Only thing that dissapointed me is Vale of Eternal Blossoms. I was expecting some cinematic in the end or some informations about mogu, Thunder King, Zandalari or Titan technology. For a while, i was expecting that these two giant statues on loading screen will come to live lol. Otherwise, i'm deeply pleased.
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    You can find better lore on a cereal box than MOP

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    Best expansion in a long, long time; haven't enjoyed the game this much since BC.

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    Lots of fun but too many weekly caps.

    To add to this: If I want to burn through the content, I should be allowed, I'm not one of those people that complain about too much to do and then nothing to do afterwards. Inb4 weekly reputation cap.

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    A well timed return to adventure.

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    Better than I thought it'd be, but probably not as good as it needs to be.
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