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    One sentence or less to describe MoP. (Constructive)

    As the title states, you get one sentence or less to describe your thoughts on MoP. Then explain below.

    For the people who are going to bash hard on MoP, do it with constructive criticism please.

    The game is evolving into what I dislike most.

    Part of it is evolving, part of it is playing the same game for almost 8 years now. I just really dislike that it's a constant struggle to balance the game. I understand that WoW is a game that's always changing. But why fix something that wasn't broken, e.i. vanilla and bc...

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    This expansion is much better than Cataclysm.

    During Cataclysm (as well as the end of Wrath), all we did was sit in cities all day, and run dungeons to get rep. The only time you really HAD to do dailies was when you went to grind Tol Barad rep, and even then I believe you could just run TB to get rep. So you basically never had to leave your major city for anything except raids, and even then you could make one person run over and mass summon everyone. In MoP, we're back into the world again, and thanks to CRZ, we have world PvP again as well. Yes, the new expansion is more of a grind, but its better than spending $15 a month to AFK in Org / IF / SW.

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    I like the atmosphere.

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    The best expansion yet!
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    Welcome to World of Dailycraft.

    "You give us money, we give you content" -- Russ Brown, VP of Developement for Rift
    Something some MMO companies seem to have forgotten.

    Golyr - Faeblight / Golgarax - Argent Dawn

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    World of (daily)Questcraft.

    Says it all on a tin.

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    A new, content filled and story-packed experience that is not in any way innovative but gives plenty to do.

    Opinionated Description: I like it.
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    Galleon breaks Illidan.

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    The game has added a ton of content for players to explore, which can be frustrating for players who try to do everything every day.

    I've really been enjoying this expansion, though I'd like to do more WoWkemon.

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    i loved the idea of MoP in general and the horde Vs ally thing... so where the fuck is it?

    atm MoP feels like a bag of shit walking thru a puddle of shit. the only decent thing about MoP is the difficulty of the new raids love the challenge. but thats all i like about MoP..

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    Have fun doing dailies.

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    World of Dailycraft-Mist of Grindaria....

    it was fun at the start,lvling was nice new zones and all,but after a while the glitter wore off ,and all that is left is grinding dailys dailys and more dailys for reps and valors and all kind of other stuff geting down to the thing most player hate to do,and dont give me that shit u dont need to do the dailys etc,if ur in a normal raiding guild yes u do,to get gear for further started good but its sinking down

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    Best expansion so far.

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    Most fun ive had since probably the ulduar patch.

    Also lol at the people who only log in to do dailies, i feel sorry for you.

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    Story and atmosphere is amazing, dailies can be annoying, but the content is fantastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thurizas View Post
    Welcome to World of Dailycraft.
    World of optional progression craft.

    To the peeps calling it Dailycraft. Stfu.

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    It didn't look fun enough, so I never bought the expansion.
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    It is what it is.

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    I am happy to have a lot of things to do again.

    Towards the end of Cataclysm I just completely ran out of things to do, now I feel like I have plenty to keep me busy for a long long time including some things like pet battles that I haven't even gotten around to trying out yet.

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