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    sure we are ahead of Catacrap, still, too bad the raiding progression is gone from the game
    They have to do something about those daily gring tho,
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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterHamster View Post
    Takes the best of previous expansions into one.
    Quoted for truth.

    (That's my sentence. It counts!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phuongvi View Post
    still, too bad the raiding progression is gone from the game
    Wanna explain that? The percentage of guilds on Heroic MSV is in the single digits.
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    Well.... atleast MoP saved us from Cata

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    There really is a lot to like, and then there's all the dailies...

    There's a lot to like. Scenery, pet battles, new continent to explore.
    I've really been enjoying the assorted "easter eggs" around, to use a good example
    at a little pond in Vale there's a tiny treasure chest and river boat... The exact spot
    where the rare who drops the Mr Smite outfit spawns. It's the little touches for sure!

    Then we have dailies... They make me feel like when I log on they're something I'm
    required to do rather than doing whatever pleases me at that moment(cheevs, mount or mog farming etc).
    Yes, there is always something to do but it doesn't feel optional no matter how many times
    blizzard tries to convince us that they are.
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    The Grind and gating of TBC mixed with the easy dungeons of Wrath not worth subbing to anymore for me.
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    Rough start to an otherwise great expansion.

    I'd say Cataclysm started out stronger.
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    "Can't be any worse than Cata"
    "Grind Grind Dailies, Fun Fun Raids"
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    Love challenge modes, never do daily quests.

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    Others have already said it...

    World of Dailycraft.

    I want a better way of grinding rep. They don't have to do tabards again, but being able to obtain rep in a more efficient, quicker way would be nice.

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    Awesome job by Blizzard
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    Best looking zones in the game, atleast when it comes to exploring...

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    I'm having allot of fun.

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    The TRUE revolution in future MMORPG design.


    No doubt in my mind it will be remembered in 10 years even ...

    Why ? The start of open world play across servers without loading screens ...

    it is the enigma and Holy Grail of an ever lasting populated world for MMORPG's: ... or no longer population problems of single server play in a landscape based world.

    Imagine the possibilites for ANY future MMO project (even in WOW). In the long term it will even mean that WOW will never die because even with 200K subscriptions you'll have 20 times MORE players than the biggest crowded WOW server of today.

    yep it is THAT revolutionary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevyne-Shandris View Post
    CRZ and no AoE until level 90...bye.

    CRZ essentially made it impossible for me to level my alts without client crashing (hanging up waiting on to respond). Then finding out that my favorite of favorite Holy paladin now doesn't even have one AoE anymore unless buying MoP and leveling to 90. I was hoping to play without MoP leveling alts, and I need an AoE to help the little guys through their leveling. With both well placed hits to enjoyment, game play was no longer worthwhile or meaningful anymore. Unsubbed.
    So the BIGGEST revolution in MMO design since Ultima On line you call fail.

    Open world play (with some REAL 3D landscapes) across servers without loading screens is the biggest invention yet in MMO land and you can't even comprehend it.

    WOW. I get the impression you simply understand it but are too frustrated to accept Blizzard stands miles above the 3.000.000 zillion loading screens of single server play (and I guess that hurts as a hater).

    It is the same as talking about constructing a new house but the colour of your doormat doesn't go with the building, so you found an excuse to not build your house...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenBos View Post

    So the BIGGEST revolution in MMO design since Ultima On line you call fail.
    It's fail if I can't play the game with my alts!

    How do you think I can even enjoy your fanboi review of CRZ if my clients crash waiting on to connect? I have 50MBit internet, my computer is an i7 custom built even...and I can't connect to the zone server. Worse, try to fly between Icecrown and Storm Peaks with my alts and get hit by 3 zone changes within seconds...Hit one, (Not Responding). Hit two, (Not Responding)...only way to get out is to go into task manager and force a shutdown.

    How am I going to enjoy THAT???
    From the #1 Cata review on "Blizzard's greatest misstep was blaming players instead of admitting their mistakes.
    They've convinced half of the population that the other half are unskilled whiners, causing a permanent rift in the community."

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    This won't end well.

    Yeah, I've come to the conclusion that Mop/WoW is just a former shell of itself. I don't hate on people who enjoy it but MoP is barely a fresh coat of paint now for me. Well I guess they did well for 8 years and now it's just tired and worn out for me. I guess the game engine is starting to show it's age which is understandable.

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    Fuck dailies yay everything else.

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    High hopes, now with moar dissapointz!

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    The raids are amazing, which is all that matters to me at this point.

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    Slow down...
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