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    Too much dailies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cybran View Post
    I hate the f*cking attunement quests from the bottom of my heart. They are a cheap milking mechanic that gates progression and keeps people subbed for longer.
    If we're gonna talk about BC, honestly...

    Quote Originally Posted by Emopapa View Post
    Need more world pvp
    Hope that's sarcasm considering all the dailies are in neutral territory where you can gank to your heart's delight.
    Soothing Mist:"Healing them for a minor amount every 0.5 sec, until you take any other action."
    Jade Serpent Statue: "The statue will also begin casting Soothing Mist on your target. healing for 50% as much as yours. "
    [What's half of minor?]
    "Statue casts Soothing Mist at a nearby ally for toddler healing."

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    "Amazing!" loving every second of it!
    Back in my day, we killed bosses 400 times a day...uphill both the snow...and we fucking liked it. In related news, I hear that uninstalling WoW completely from your hard drive and then reinstalling it resets your RNG numbers. -septor

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    Unsubbed a couple days ago, I miss it to some degree already, but then I remember everytime I log on how bored I get. Most likely wait until I get bored of console games then come back to WoW.

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    Incredibly captivating and beautiful aesthetic, with the admitted flaws around reward systems, but it has restored my faith (and subscription) to the series.

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    Amazingly beautiful scenery with interesting new races, and lots of fun to be had if you limit the amount of dailies that you do for your own sanity.

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    Much better than catacylsm.

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    "puts on very long and absurd mustach" slow down..

    or maybe "puts on grey beard"

    slow down...stay a while and listen... >

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    Looked fantastic in Beta but CRZ ruined the old world wasn't worth getting for just one continent

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    Never thought I would like an xpac more than TBC but here it is...MoP is brilliant!

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    Kung fu Panda kiddy land.

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    My once sentence? "Great start, and more to come"
    A story of travel and experience from around the world

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    Happy Panda Bears
    Beer and Fun all ruined now
    Kneel before the Sha
    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    This is America. We always have warm dead bodies.
    Quote Originally Posted by McFuu View Post
    Moral of the story, all things are solved by a high power to weight ratio.

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    An awesomely effective sponge to absorb away a certain element of the MMO player community!!!

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    An improvement from Cata, not as fun as Wrath.
    They ask me why I'm bringin' - A baby into battle - That's really irresponsible - And getting them rattled
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    A landmark for mmos but hopefully the last epic-killer noobstroker expansion and a necessary evil.

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    Great start, keep up the race.

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    The best thing to happen to WoW since WoW. (serious)

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    Mists of Pandailya.
    "When I die I want the shaman class developers to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time."

    Shamans in WoW - "We're the dumb blonde at the workplace. We look great, but people question what we're actually doing."

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    Cant wait to reach exhalted

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