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    Best expansion yet; Monks, and the raids, are incredible.

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    Two thumbs up, oh and furry.
    Cthulhu 2020, why vote for a lesser evil

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    Best expansion since WotLK.

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    Epic Pet battles!

    I am addicted to this shit, cant help it. And i was one of the guys, when it was annouced, that said "OMG leave me alone with pokemon stuff"...

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    MoP is a disappointment seconded only by a previous cataclysmic expansion.
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    Lots of things to do.

    So many people seem to have a mindset that they have to Dailies all the time... -.-

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    The most fun I've had since the launch of the Burning Crusade and twice the ambiance of Wrath or Cataclysm.

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    Most enjoyable expansion yet, and we're just 2 months in.

    I love it and seems this expansion will keep me just as loyal as the previous ones did. Raids are amazing and gated, the factions actually reward stuff that I not only NEED, but WANT. The world is CONSTANTLY filled with players (wonder if it'll last though as more people get to exalted) and they seem to go all-in on the notion that patches will come faster. An npc in the game says "The full force of the Alliance fleet will arrive in 2 months!", and now we're soon at the 2-month mark and the first patch is REALLY close.

    I was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of dailies at first, but then I scrapped the "GOTTA DO IT ALL!"-attitude and now I only do dailies when I want to, for the faction I want exalted with and I don't pick the ones I dislike. Easy. 1 day after reset I'm halfway to VP-capped without ever feeling that I'm grinding.

    This far into Cata, I was leveling alts already.
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    I've died 5 times on my Warlock since the scaling system was introduced. A seasoned player with every class at max level times 4 (!). I did not die more than once (fall damage) on a Classic server.
    Great success! I'm looking forward to being taken by surprise and die more often in content previously tuned to be absolute faceroll. Doing the Iron Man will be extremely interesting as well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tedsterz View Post
    Lots of things to do.

    So many people seem to have a mindset that they have to Dailies all the time... -.-
    I'm just doing Golden Lotus and Tillers until exalted, and then I will move on to two new ones. I still do my SW dailies, JC dailies, Dal cooking and fishing dailies, and from time to time the Molten Front and Northrend Grizzly dailies.

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    Bloody brilliant.

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    When I'm not raiding, I'm afk in Shrine of the Severe Stars.

    The more thing's change, the more thing's stay the same.

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    Can't get past the first zone because these fat lazy pandas can't get their own jade, oh look I'm killing a monkey again.

    The quests in the begining zones are boring, the story line is bland. I can't even get a main to level, at least with Cata I could make an alt and explore 1-60 new content here it's a chore to get past the first zone. Wish I could return this expansion.
    I felt like putting a bullet between the eyes of every Panda that wouldn't screw to save its species.

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    Beautiful scenery, addictive for completionists, 10/10 would experience again.
    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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    Brilliantly done, excellent pve,terrible class balance in pvp however.

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    I am Enjoying logging on to accomplish my goals, and seeing things to shoot for in the future.

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