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    *NEED REPLY* Guild question

    Alright thanks.
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    No. If their rank has permission to do something like that, it isn't something Blizzard can penalize. Same applies to guild bank withdraws, etc.

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    If it was the GM then no.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robles View Post
    So, someone in my guild just used a script/addon and kicked everyone from the guild that was lower rank from him.

    If reported can blizzard take action against him?

    Need a reply asap.

    They've said many times, no. If it was the guild leader, it's their guild to do with what they wish, kick everyone sell off guild bank, pocket all the gold etc.

    If it's someone under guild leader rank, they were put there by guild leader so blizz still doesn't care.
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    Blizzard doesn't like messing with Guild leadership/actions.

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    If you don't trust someone, don't give them access to kicks/bank.

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    As long as his rank had permission to do something then Blizzard will do nothing, what would you like them to do?...invite everyone back? lol

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