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    Recruiting Druid or Monk Tank - Willing to Transfer You - 8-12PST

    Hi prospective leather wearing tanks,
    We are currently recruiting a Monk or Druid tank for our 10-man raids. We are willing to transfer you this weekend. We raid on a high-pop server with 60:40 A:H, lwith the server based in California, USA. We raid ~3 times a week, and leave Friday / Saturday / Sunday for alt runs and possible extra raid nights. We are searching for a dedicated tank, meaning that all faction rep needs to be complete, or almost complete. Were looking for three basic qualities in the tank we get. They must be not just good, but exceptional; don't play on your netbook. They must be vocal with a flare for leading; i don't care if you sound like an 18-year-old if you can effectively take charge in progression. They must be dedicated; NEVER come to a raid if you forgot to reforge after an upgrade, and never tell me you don't care enough to invest time in a boss.

    Many players in our group took an expansion off, and most have played since vanilla. We use vent and Skype, you should come with both and a spine. We aren't poking for a raid leader, but we also aren't looking for a person who only knows the word 'taunt'.

    Post your armories in this thread, we'll take a look.

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    Additional information:
    You will be tanking alongside a DK
    Server is Tichondrius
    Timezone is PST
    A DPS offset is a huge plus, although we technically have a DPS spot open if our hands are tied.
    Generally, we show up for raids 30 minutes early, and pull when ready.

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