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    Question Path of Blossoms & Zen Meditation Usefulness

    I'm trying to bring in some love for Path of Blossoms & Zen Meditation into my combat rotations and wanted to ask what fight or specific situations you've found either of these spells useful for and what spec.

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    Are you talking PVE or PVP usefulness here? I only PVE on my monk so I can say a few times (like the monk boss in SM Cath Heroic when he casts his fire breath thingy) I used Zen meditation and path of blossoms only when fucking around kiting with my brew, lol. Im sure in pvp these abilities are much much more useful, but I cant help ya there.

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    Both or either.

    Zen Meditation is very situational in pvp since you can't get hit by melee and its most beneficial when you have teammates. Path of Blossoms simply doesn't have a good enough consequence since it's already easy to dodge....

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    PvE usefulness for Zen Meditation... Oh boy that's a tough one, it's requires a TARGETTED spell to be cast for it to redirect, we took it off our "CD rotation" week 2.

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    Zen Med has a ton of uses, both in PVE and PVP. It's not necessarily the redirecting part of the spell, but rather the 90% reduced damage you'll be taking for one hit.

    That said, Path of Blossoms seems completely useless in raids, from what I've seen.

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    zen meditation is ok, has some uses once in a while,, path of blossoms, cant even remember the last time i but it in my bar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stumpurin View Post
    Zen Med has a ton of uses, both in PVE and PVP. It's not necessarily the redirecting part of the spell, but rather the 90% reduced damage you'll be taking for one hit.
    I never thought about that the melee attack that breaks the spell is also reduced by 90%, seems tricky to master it but might give it a shot.

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    Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. I have path of blossoms? Not sarcasm. I literally forgot about this. If they doubled or even quadrupled the damage I would care but as it stands I can't imagine a use for it in raids. (unless it would happen when you Roll but the damage is still really low.)
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    Zen meditation has a fair few uses in raids.

    Path of Blossoms isn't even on my action bars.

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    with Zen Meditation you can do alot of shit. Like doing the raptor boss in Zul Gurub(the one who kills you). You get tons of vengeance out of it was brewmaster. It also works on Nalorakk in ZA to get insane amount of Vengeance.
    In General you use Zen Mediation as your "own" cd not as a group cd. The 90% reduction is the good part of it, screw the rest of it. Use it on big effects to negate some dmg..

    Actually I am thinking that you can block Unseen Strike from the Second boss in Heart of Fear as a Brewmaster with everything up and pally aura. The spell only does a little more dmg as the ZG instakill on the raptor boss, so with a Pala aura(or something else which reduces the dmg) it should be fine. Can you imagine the amount of vengeance you would get from that? Holy shit these keg smashes and chi waves^^
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    Avert Harm > Zen Med = raid wall while you take no dmg from the redirection mechanic in AH

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shazzia View Post
    Avert Harm > Zen Med = raid wall while you take no dmg from the redirection mechanic in AH
    thats also really good if you pop fort brew instead of zen med (and of course have shuffle up) since you can purify the stagger instantly after.

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    Due to Path of Blossom's extremely low mana cost, it's the most mana-efficient single-target heal assuming the tank would get the eminence from both you and your statue. Its HPM is equal to that of Life Cocoon. You also don't need to move for it to work; if you're close enough to a hostile target, the blossoms will consume fast enough to bypass the "within X yards" restriction.

    ...that said, its HPS on the other hand is god-awfully low. Pretty much only something to mix with Serpent's Zeal, as pretty much any other time you need more throughput.

    Edit: Thought of a DPS application for it. You could set them up in advance before an add spawns if you know where it's going to be/go. A specific example would be dropping them down the line as you run back in from resetting your stacks during the 6-spark phase on Elegon.
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    Zen meditation is useful on Feng (arcane crap) and Elegon during his breath (maybe the adds explosion crap on heroic, when you kill it, one person has to absorb its explosion), but that's about it.
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    I've found a use for Zen Meditation on Spirit Kings. If you use it during Meng's cowardice phase, all the damage reflection DoTs will be redirected to you, without removing charges of Zen Med. This lets you soak all the DoTs when the boss is at high Insanity, and your raid can DPS freely! Note that when Zen Med finishes casting, you will lose your 90% damage reduction, and instantly die from all the DoTs, so use Diffuse Magic afterwards to dispel yourself. I'm not sure if you can dispel yourself with Detox, or if you'll die the instant Zen Med finishes.. haven't got a chance to test it yet.

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    Just to add to the discussion, some of the uses I've found for Zen Med in the two current raids are:
    -Explosions on Stone Guards.
    -Arcane aoe and Epicentres on Feng.
    -Soaking cowardice stacks on Spirit Kings and instantly removing the dot with Diffuse Magic.
    -Elegon explosions, possibly breaths if you are a tank.
    -Soaking the AOE on Imperial Vizier Zor'lok, for whenever you don't have ToK ready and your raid doesn't have any of the big raid cds ready.
    -The cleave attack and possibly the tornado run on Blade Lord Ta'yak.
    -Crushes on Garalon, high stacks of Pheramones.
    -The Massive Stomps on Amber-Shaper
    -The explosion of Dissonance Fields on the last boss.

    One thing I feel, that really needs to be said, is that the DPS loss is very tiny if you just time your Zen Med correctly.

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    If you think ZM is supposed to be Devotion Aura, then its pretty bad by comparison.

    However, if you use it more like Dispersion (and not worry so much about the redirect) it has some uses. We sure do have a lot of these CDs but for things like Elegon Total Annihilation its pretty nice to have.

    Path of Blossoms I have on my bars, haven't really found a use. Perhaps useful for Mistweavers in PVP somehow? You can set up firewalls with it. It might be nice if it had a snare attached to it.

    If we're going to let Ret run around with Devo Aura, I'd like to see ZM get some raid-wide use. As is, it doesn't really do anything as raid utility, its only useful as a personal cooldown.

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    I have only found one use for Path of Blossoms. For Elegon, i leave a trail of fire blossoms along the path of the energy sparks while i'm running back from killing the previous spark. Free damage is free damage.

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    Zen Meditation can be useful sometimes.

    Path of blossoms is the most useless thing in WoW at the moment, even more useless than marksmanship hunters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksej89 View Post
    Path of blossoms is the most useless thing in WoW at the moment, even more useless than marksmanship hunters.
    I wanted to say that Eye of Kilrogg is more useless.. But then I reminded that it can now place lock portals..
    So ye - Path of blossoms is the most useless thing in WoW.. :P
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