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    Favorite classes any MMO.

    Just wondering what your favorite classes are/were in any MMO you have played.

    1. Everquest Monk. Monk done right. Completely martial arts based using only their bare fists and several martial arts moves like flying kick and eagle claw when the game was released. Gradually moved into hand to hand weapons as the game released more expansions. Could use 2 handers but most didnt. Also their weapons were actual martial arts weapons like Bo Staves and Tonfas. Also class was very fun especially since dungeons werent LOLzAoE everything down like they are in WoW. The monk's job was to use feign death, similar to a Hunter's, in order to split up a large group of mobs and bring them back 1-2 at a time. Timing your FD took a lot of skill as if you had caster mobs and you used it while they were still casting the spell would still hit you and break your Feign causing everything nearby to come after you. Great monks were known throughout each server and we got groups very fast.

    2. Rift Chlormancer. Very very fun class. Using DPS to heal. Could spec to be a full tank healer or a raid healer. Had 2 different buffs that let them do that. One increased healing done to a single target and the other healing done to the group/raid. Also had a debuff that allowed players to be healed when they did damage to mobs

    3. Everquest ShadowKnight. Similar to a Blood DK. Most fun I had once I finally made one. Could do something called swarm killing. Basically they got self buffs and abilities that gave them self heals whenevr something hit them and could stack a very high damage shield to help kill mobs. People could pull 100+ mobs at a time then let them all suicide on your damage shield while you stayed full health thanks to buffs that kept you healed. More mobs the better as getting hit more meant more healing.

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    1. Guild Wars 2, Warrior. I felt Guild Wars 2's version of the warrior class is the perfect realization of everything I wanted in a Warrior kit since my first warrior in Everquest From weapon skills to utility skills. Everything flows extremely well, has purpose and is logical in use. My only gripe is lackluster 2handed hammer. Though this is the most well balanced implementation of a warrior I have ever played. Fun as heck too.

    2. Everquest, Monk. Hard to expand on it any further than the OP. EQ's monk remains almost unique among western MMOs as a true martial arts based class. The actual technicality and tanking ability of the class also lent a lot to my enjoyment of EQ's Monk. And that legendary quest line... for reals.

    3. Star Wars Galaxies, Bounty Hunter. Nailed the concept so completely. You had gadgets, laser guns, actual bounty hunting! Which SWTOR really didn't do at all. Just the actual thrill of picking up real bounties and tying them to progression as an actual hunter- both in a class and character sense of progression. Just brilliant.

    4. Guild Wars 1, Mesmer. The class most iconic to the Guild Wars franchise and most representative of it's gameplay model. To play the Mesmer with any sort of distinction required an understanding of game mechanics I am positive is almost unequaled in any MMO to this day. The motto of, "Damage is for suckers" was true for top ranked Mesmers. Recognition, forethought, quick reaction time, knowledge of all classes and literally hundreds of possible skill combinations was all necessary for a great Mesmer to posses.

    There were only two classes of importance in Guild Wars 1, the Monk and the Mesmer.

    5. Rift, Warrior. Hard to pin this one down. Since Rift's take on a warrior is essentially 8 variations of theme and mechanics. It would be higher on my list here IF Rift's warriors had more stability instead of see-saw balancing at times. Nonetheless, in terms of options and sheer fun factor it's unlikely I wouldn't pick Rift's warrior archetype. Particularly love(d) Void Knight tanking, Tempest ranged dps and Riftblade melee DPS. Previously I was a fan of Warlord tank/support but since the Rift's recent restructuring that type of Warlord no longer exists.

    6. Warhammer Online, Black Guard. Not really an effective class. But it had a great skill package, aesthetic and theme. It just felt cool to play a 2hander dps/tank hybrid or go down the Path of Loathing to become a force which couldn't be ignored. Snares, stuns, heals, absorbs, bulwarks- the class had it all mechanically.

    7. Radiant Arcana, Priest/Knight|Knight/Priest. By turns, a Healer who tanked or a Tank who healed. I typically avoid healers in MMOs. Hate healing. This dual class combination was literally godly though. It offered very streamlined skill package for either flip class but was perfectly suited to their respective tasks. Offering so much defense there was a point of progression when nothing short of a GM could kill them. Little wasted or worthless on this class combination.

    8. Guild Wars 1, Paragon. Like Black Guard, not always an effective class. Though I greatly enjoyed the Paragon conceptually and mechanically. It was a ranged Warrior with an emphasis on supporting allies. Depending on dual class, Paragon could be built more offensively than defensively. However, the niche of a mid range/fast striker w/ a host of buffs gave the impression of what I felt was a more mobile take of the classical Paladin.

    9. Final Fantasy 11, Samurai. I really loved the use the of 2hander and ranged weapon on the Samurai advance job. That's always been a strong draw to me in terms of class archetypes; frontline warrior that can also hit from range. Samurai gave me that but also had all the fast attacks & tanky-ness I also love.

    10. Everquest, Shadow Knight. The original, the best-- a true 'Black Knight' class. I do not recognize the validity of Death Knights, Reavers or Force Bladers in contrast to a Shadow Knight. I do not.

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    Everquest Shadowknight. When played well just an awesome tank and a puller that could rival a monk or bard. Also the best aggro control of any tank. No one, and I mean NO ONE, pulls aggro off a good SK.

    OP was right about swarm killing. One day helping a lowbie in the castle full of skeletons. I went and pulled the entire castle and dropped back to the entry. 30 sec later when he saw what was coming down the stairs to me all I heard was "HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!" I just laughed as they all died at my feet.
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    Everquest 2 - Swashbuckler. They had flair, they had pizzazz, they had the best damn looking class specific Hat ever. It was a really well done class imo, did decent DPS but had excellent utility both in fights and out and was a mainstay in every raid group till recently ( I think, haven't browsed their Boards in months).

    I had the best time making a Fae Swashbuckler and making myself as tiny as possible; it's hilarious fighting Giants and Dragons while only being as tall as a Human's helmet. Also the sounds/voices my character weren't shrunk down with my size, so there I'd be all 1FT tall of me barely more than a dot on the screen, screaming and grunting while flailing my rapiers to and fro.

    I still install EQ2 every couple months just to enjoy my little Fae Swashy.
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    FFXI: Thief. Absolutely no contest. When a thief was in your group, it became a dance. See, for those of you who didn't play the game, threat was a serious issue in the game. Healing pulled MASSIVE aggro, and tanks had no traditional "taunt" instead they were given "provokes" that built threat, but did little to pull an enemy off a healer if the aggro was too much.

    To counter this, we had thieves. Thieves had abilities called "Sneak attack" which was similar to a backstab mechanic, but instead of being an attack of its own, it boosted the crap out of your next attack. They also had "Trick attack." This is where the dancing came in. See, a thief had to "trick attack" THROUGH another character to receive the damage bonus while in the process, transferring all threat from the attack to the person they attacked through.

    A pull would work like this. Thief brings a monster with it, the warrior (off tank?) would provoke it, causing it to face him. The paladin (tank) would get behind the monster and the thief would get behind the tank. The thief would then launch a HUGE sneak/trick attack crit, giving the tank ENORMOUS threat and basically ensuring the monster was only looking at him for the entirety of the encounter. THATS fun gameplay.

    TL;DR: Thieves were thieves, not fake ass wannabe ninjas.

    I'll add more classes if the thread picks up.
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    FF11 had great inter-job gameplay. I enjoyed having thieves around greatly but I didn't like swapping to thief. XD

    Red Mage and Bard were great too.

    FF11 was goddamn awesome. That was a genuine MMO unlike a lot of the bullshit these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fencers View Post
    FF11 had great inter-job gameplay. I enjoyed having thieves around greatly but I didn't like swapping to thief. XD

    Red Mage and Bard were great too.

    FF11 was goddamn awesome. That was a genuine MMO unlike a lot of the bullshit these days.
    Amen to this. Summoner support healing... bard... oh man, ninja tanking with the full elemental wheel. Serious nostalgiagasms from time to time. Not quite enough to reinstall, but good times.
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    Assassin from AoC

    It didn't have this unique feature that I suppose people would look for in a favorite class but I just loved the visceral combat of it (and then add in the fatalities to boot, which were common with an assassin). I liked it so much that I leveled 4 of them to max level.

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    I liked the old affliction warlock from WoW, was really unique being a class that had to essentially tank damage in pvp while playing with your own life pool to balance mana, putting out a tonne of aoe pressure through Dots and be incredibly annoying with mana drain and fears that didn't break when you tickled someone. It's not really any of those things any more (or at least to the same degree).

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    Any melee/magic hybrid like a battle mage or something akin to an enhance shaman.

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    Warrior Priest from Warhammer Online, seemed to me to be the first real hybrid class that actually plays like a hybrid (to heal you need to do damage).
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    pfft as if you care..
    usually go for the mage or archer/ranger type class but the latter without a damn pet

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    If you can't tell from my name, mine is always going to be World of Warcraft's Shaman. In my perfect world, it would have 4 roles, adding the ability for earth to actually tank, but no one has done the shaman perfect for me yet. I like for the role that you're doing to be interchangeable based on an elemental strength.

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    Any answer other than "Warhammer Blackguard" is incorrect.

    That being said, I also really loved the Imperial Operative in SWTOR. That was maybe the most fun healer I've ever played.

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    1. Everquest 2 Inquisitor: Dps.. heals.. plate armour.. insane soloability.. what's not to love?
    2. Rift Justicar: I actually have no idea why I think it's a blast to play.
    3. Everquest 2 Bard: Simply because of the muskateer hat.
    4. SWG Doctor: This is how a healer should be. "Buffing in Dant mining op. 3h 10min 10k!"
    5. LOTRO Captain: So much flavour to this class and at times you really do feel like the fight is all on you to use your buffs and abilities at the right times... Like a good leader :P

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    When it comes to fantasy, I'm at the extremes of loving my "Evil" Wizards, locks, necros (love summoning pets and applying debuffs) and Light worshiping Paladins/Crusaders (usually the very hard to kill class). I honestly don't know why.

    For Sci-Fi, I was playing Logistics (supportish role) in EvE. SWTOR I rolled my Commando and instantly fell in love with the character (my looks, voice, dialogue etc.) and am royally pissed that the game ended up being broken, IMO.
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    I generally play the Rogue class in whatever online game I play, something about being a little sneaky, annoying backstabber is just so appealing.

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    Every MMO that gives me the ability to play one, Every singleplayer RPG that gives me the ability to be one, I will always be, the Dark/Death Knight

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    Rift: Chloromancer
    Rift: Riftstalker
    GW2: Mesmer
    SWTOR: Trooper (both ACs).

    WoW: Feral Pre-MoP talents. (when you could bearcat).
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    Ogre Battle 64: Black Knight's I think they were called? It wasn't a particularly amazing class, or even unique; but they looked pretty badass and hefted a 2h dual blade axe. You could kinda cheese the game by using global aoe caster dmg, but It felt alot more fun using brute force melee classes.

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