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    [Guardian] Empress 10M

    Just a quick question for you druids out there that have killed Empress...

    How did you pace your cooldowns for the add phase and would you suggest reforging to more survive stats over getting to Exp./Hit cap? Please advise me. Any tips or tricks? Our guardian is 493 ilvl.

    **I am not a druid, merely a raid leader looking for some guidance on keeping my druid alive during the add phase.

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    How did you pace your cooldowns for the add phase
    1) Hit my side with AoE to make sure I have aggro
    2) Typhoon then UV the adds to give myself breathing room.
    3) Pop SI + Incarnation + NV and immediately kill a Windblade. Make sure SD is kept rolling.
    4) Interrupt Dispatch
    5) At this point they're pretty harmless. Use MoU / Barkskin if you get into trouble again....somehow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arielle View Post
    good stuff
    This is also what I did, pretty much. I also used Symbiosis on our hunter (who was frost-trapping the other side) to throw down my own frost trap for even more slows to keep them off me longer.

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    I thrash the adds as they are coming in. On progression, my frost dk pops aoe stun and once that ends, I pop survival instinct. As my survival instinct is about drop, and my vengeance is 150-200k, I pop berserk and the adds are near dead. If my hp drops, I use frenzied regeneration which is pretty much a lay on hands with that vengeance stacked. My windblades usually die all together since I have ret pally + frost dk on my side and caster dps are with the blood dk side.

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