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    I put my char in simulation craft, and i saw that my haste outweights my mastery in scale, can you explain for which reason haste outscales mastery in arms warriors gear?

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    Did it have any errors? If not, then it does because it's better for your gear.

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    i am new in mmo forum, but i read it everyday so i can't post links here my warrior name is "jacóó" i am from us-goldrinn if you want to import him for simulate. my stats weights is 2.53 str, 1.20 crit , 0.9 haste and 0.5 mastery.

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    Patchwerk - 10000 iterations - 360-540 seconds.
    78579 DPS
    51.12 / 0.07% error

    Scale Factors (Normalized)
    Strength: 2.45(1)
    Expertise: 2.60(1.06)
    Hit: 3.22(1.31)
    Crit: 1.18(0.48)
    Haste: 0.76(0.31)
    Mastery: 0.66(0.27)

    I guess Haste is better than Mastery for your gear - and I must stress that part, stat weights change every time you get a new item, gem, reforge, etc.

    That or Simcraft isn't right and/or we're both doing something silly!

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