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    DW Frost Questions regrading Simcraft Action Priority Load

    Hey guys,

    I was just making the switch to DW Frost with the "Masterfrost" Rotation and was running simcraft on my toon. I know technically in BiS gear that Mastery>Haste should be the priority, but I'm noticing simcraft is telling me atm that Haste is more worthy of a stat. I was wondering does Simcraft automatically tell what wpn your using in Frost 2h/DW and then for DW is it loading the "MasterFrost" Rotation?

    I was confused in looking at the Action Priority and seeing a line:


    It seeming to say OBL if you have 1 Unholy rune...I thought we were holding on to 1 Unholy rune to game Frost Runes with RE.

    Lastly, if DW is so far ahead....I also simmed my Unholy Build and it came out ahead of the DW Frost sim and my hit/expertise is off because I was min/maxed for Frost...kinda confused...

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    Beating on the dummy for awhile netted me about

    57k steady as unholy with "off" reforges
    49-50k steady as frost dw

    Did about 10.2 million on attempts on dummy. Frost Rotation is Spamming Howling Blast, Keeping 1 Unholy Rune up to game Frost/Death Rune respawns with Frost Strike. Frost Striking when near cap and when I have a Frost or Unholy on full cooldown. Only Obl when DnD is on CD and I have 2 Unholy runes up and Plague Strike doesn't need to be refreshed....Popping Ghoul every 2min and with Buffs when I can....not sure why the huge difference.

    I prefer Unholy btw, probably some skill issues but that much and sims being so close with a reforge that isn't optimal for Unholy, also SR hasn't even kicked in for Unholy yet...

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    Ok... First of all the default priority list in simcraft is based off using Blood Tap not RE which is why you see the Obliterate line in question. Blood Tap is higher DPS than RE but not by a huge margin. If you want to use RE then just change that line before you run the sim.

    Second, in early gear sets Haste is actually better than mastery but as you gear up that will change.

    Lastly, what spec performs best depends entirely on your gear, DW is definitely ahead in higher end gear but not by a huge margin and in some gear sets Unholy will perform better because of various stat values.

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    Thanks so much, yes I'm not a fan of Blood Tap, I'd prefer Runic Corruption or RE gaming. So it would seem that I should probably stick with my preferred spec at least for the time being as there isn't much of a "Simmed" crazy dps gap for me to catch up to by switching specs. I was suspecting that I'd see at least a gap even at early gear levels but perhaps different stat priorities.

    I'm thinking then the advantage of Unholy is a Stronger Execute?
    Frost has the free Cleaves for more than 1 target via Howling Blast, but doesn't Unholy also have stronger diseases/pet cleave? Would Pestilence be worth using for 2 boss fights as Unholy, or would the pet cleave make up the difference vs Frost's Cleave?

    Thanks for the info, I've been transitioning from my Warlock, so trying to min/max understand Dks like I had my lock down...

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    I use the following line to obliterate just before the 2nd Unholy rune comes off CD


    As far as I can tell, something like
    rune.unholy.cooldown_remains<1 will check if either unholy rune has less than a second on CD. But
    rune.unholy.cooldown_remains_all<1 will check that both unholy runes are less than a second from being available.

    Does anyone know if they have implemented the druid symbiosis ability, Wild Plague: Mushroom for DKs in Simcraft.

    I use it with plague leach to get 2 extra death runes every 3 minutes and I wanted to sim that.

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    I'll give that a shot. Can anyone speak to the difference I'm noticing on the dummies? Is this just typical Frost RNG a bit? A bit worried about that gap but in a real world fight I'm assuming Frost perhaps will win out. I need to really do some testing, but don't have as much time before I show up for the first time in a new guild, want to bring the best I can before I start playing around with theory lol.

    For Plague Leech are you putting Unholy runes on CD before using it for a Howling Blast/Death Rune that would have been an Unholy or?

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    Whelp got lucky to get in a MV pug and screw the dummies I guess, DW Frost Rocked Compared to my Unholy showing a week ago.

    Stone Guard 55k
    Feng 47k
    Garaj 56k
    Spirit 49k

    Stone Guard: 72k
    Feng: 63k
    Garaj: 60k
    Spirit: 56k
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