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    Warriors atm

    K lets sum up some of their cc

    Fear 8 sec 1min cd
    Shockwave 4sec 20sec cd
    Charge 1 sec 20sec cd
    Gag order 3 sec silence (pummel 15sec cd, 30sec CD)
    and they can choose to take Stormbolt 3sec 30sec CD
    Disarm 10sec 1min cd

    now lets compare to DKs

    Unholy dks
    Pet stun 3-4 sec, 1min cd
    silence/stun 5sec 1-2min cd
    Remorseless winter 6 sec stun that you need to channel for 5 sec, and if they freedom, formchange or dispell you just wasted a 1min cd

    Asphyxiate and remorseless winter is pretty useless as UH dk

    So what were left with is 2 ccs

    While a warrior can keep you cced for almost 30 sec and by then their cds will be rdy again and it all starts over.
    And this is not about even complaining about their ammount of mobility: Charge, intervene, heroic leap its like watching a fucking roadrunner in arena

    Now can someone tell me what the fist fuck went through blizzards head?
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