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    I hate TS the most because its show evryone from what country you logged from , so racists people starting making racist comments about your country, and you look like outsider when evryone have same flag expect you. I think only admins and modetators should be allowed to see other people private information like ip and country.

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    Well, for starters, because I've actually heard of Skype, Vent and Teamspeak.
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    Use mumble now but used to use TS and Vent when playing CS. Never even tried raidcall, no need when the rest work fine.

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    I also haven't even heard of RaidCall. I've only used Skype, Vent, and Mumble. Skype and Vent has easy interfaces and I'm used to them, so I've always preferred them. Raided with a guild for a week and used Mumble. It was awkward. The interface is kind of weird and the voice quality would go from crystal clear to robotic every once in awhile.
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    Everyone has Vent/Skype/Team Speak. Why do game developers make games for PC more than mac? More people have PC's (not trying to start a flamewar, just using a valid comparison)

    and yea, I've never heard of Raid Call either.

    I personally use Vent, I don't find anything wrong with it.

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    I've never used anything but Vent for gaming. It has its ups and downs but all in all I like it. The sound quality isn't great but I've heard worse. I'm not sure what RC is. Is that the in-game vent that no one has ever used because it's buggy as all hell?

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    I think it depends where you play. My server always advertises pugs in trade chat raid call required.

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    vent for raids, skype for pvp, and have to use RC for one of my friends terribad interwebz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maelle View Post
    Skype is lacking PTT for raiding
    But but... Skype has PTT!!! yes really.. it does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ddk View Post
    I hate Ventrilo almost as much. EVERY. SINGLE. GODDAMN. TIME I use it, I have to manually reset the sound for EVERY person because for some reason one person will be loud one day and quiet the next. Shits me up the wall.
    This is why I like vent. Some people talk very loud or have voices that grate my ears a bit. Some people speak too low and get lost in the game sounds. (<-guilty) Some people vary from laptop to desktop and their mic quality changes. I like being able to just keep readjusting till it's all good.
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    Ye raidcall is free after all, Ventrilo usually has some kind of payment

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    I've played most games with most guilds using Ventrilo, I played Rift with a guild that used Mumble, and Aion with different guilds that used Teamspeak and a single one that used Raidcall.

    Mumble was very nice because it was nice and clear, however I've gotten used to the fact that most guilds these days just use Ventrilo because they have the most experience with it. Raidcall gave me some issues, tbh. I had some massive lag issues with it sometimes to the point where I couldn't queue up to talk because it wouldn't allow me to talk for a good ten seconds after I pressed the button.

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    skype PTT can be done with at least two programs

    PTT for Windows 7 (skype, msn...)

    skype-push-to-talk <-- download the beta but i dont know if this works on latest skype

    PTT for Windows 7 (skype, msn...) works very well, in Windows 8 at least it requires Admin to work, not sure in Win7

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    Skype is the best, though for a bigger group of people vent / ts is better. I've never heard about raidcall but imo ts>vent, though both are pretty crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luckx View Post
    I tried TS Vent, Skype and RC. And i dont get why many people prefer Vent,Skype and TS over RC, cas RC is totally free and works just fine.
    i have the same question,
    why american like to use vent or mumble but Asian like to use RC?

    BTW vent is very sux for some countries, u hear nothing but noise.

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    not advocating skype but it most certainly does have push to talk, albeit in an inverted fashion. Advanced - hotkeys - toggle mute. Log on, hit your mute button in skype, then your PTT hotkey works as PTT.

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    You havn't tried many have you? Skype is shit, no idea why people actually use it.

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    From my experience, RC is used in by a lot of pro gamer teams in LoL and SC2, and is very popular in Korea and Japan. Mumble is very popular in Europe and Vent/TS/Skype are used more often by the US.

    I've used all of them personally, and each has it's own strengths and weaknesses.

    My FFXIV LS/guild uses RC and we like it. The quality is nice and the overlay for seeing who's talking works well most of the time.
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    my guess would be name branding. It's what people know and are familiar with.

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    Marketing and familiarity. Most players use what their guild uses, most guilds use whatever is most familiar to the person who set up their voice comms. Very few will actively go out of their way to switch services without compelling marketing that shows them a real advantage to doing so.

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