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    Quote Originally Posted by Rochana View Post
    Warlock however, is one of the hardest classes in the game, always has been.
    TBC Sacrifice-Destruction. Ahem.

    On-topic: affliction is currently the highest simulated dps spec for affliction.

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    The TBC shadow bolt spec excluded... people who think warlock isn't the hardest class to play obviously haven't tried the other classes yet. Most people I know have or had a warlock but rather play their mage, spriest, paladin, etc. because their rotations / priorities are much easier and more obvious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minaa View Post
    guys its serious not troll i am realy want to know what is the best for pve
    It's situational.
    I'd go for affliction for everything except for heroic dungeons, here I'd be demo.

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    Warlocks are awesome! Leveling my lvl 86 lock alt atm and it's fun as hell.

    Beware of the dark side though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minaa View Post
    hi i am playing paladin from the first day i play wow but now blizz mack the ret pala like a joke so i say to myself lets play with other class and i chose waelock but now i want to know what is the best space to do a big dps in PVE

    Gotta LOVE Google Translate!!!

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    Everyone should have at least 3 warlocks

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