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    MM Hunter Blink Strike [*LAWL save me!*]

    What am I doing wrong sir?

    /focus [@focus,noexists][@focus,dead]mouseover
    /targetenemyplayer [mod:ctrl,noharm][mod:ctrl,dead]
    /castsequence [@focus,mod:shift,pet:Crane][@mouseover,harm,nodead,pet:Crane][pet:Crane]Blink Strike, Lullaby
    /castsequence [@focus,mod:shift,pet:Monkey][@mouseover,harm,nodead,pet:Monkey][pet:Monkey]Blink Strike, Bad Manner
    /castsequence [@focus,mod:shift,pet:Scorpid][@mouseover,harm,nodead,pet:Scorpid][pet:Scorpid]Blink Strike, Clench
    /castsequence [@focus,mod:shift,pet:Gorilla][@mouseover,harm,nodead,pet:Gorilla][pet:Gorilla]Blink Strike, Pummel
    /castsequence [@focus,mod:shift,pet:Nether Ray][@mouseover,harm,nodead,pet:Nether Ray][pet:Nether Ray]Blink Strike, Nether Shock
    /castsequence [@focus,mod:shift,pet:Warp Stalker][@mouseover,harm,nodead,pet:Warp Stalker][pet:Warp Stalker]Blink Strike, Time Warp
    /castsequence [@focus,mod:shift,pet:Bird of Prey][@mouseover,harm,nodead,pet:Bird of Prey][pet:Bird of Prey]Blink Strike, Snatch
    /clearfocus [mod:alt]

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    These are a lot of lines, you can't have all in one macro, are you using them in seperate macros? (just curious how you handle it)
    But the only thing that shouldn't work is cast the spells to your current target, you can fix it by adding and "exists" to the mouseover conditions
    /castsequence [@focus,mod:shift,pet:Crane][@mouseover,harm,nodead,exists,pet:Crane][pet:Crane]Blink Strike, Lullaby
    If you have another problem, please describe it.

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    Both [harm] and [nodead] imply [exists]. That's not an issue.
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    Length is a non-issue. I am using the mod 'bind-pad', its excellent for hunters like myself that need to manage multiple.. macro's..pets... and binds (72 now). This macro should do the following. (NOMOD) Mouse-over and set target to focus, use ability in sequence "Blink Strike, [PET ABILITY]". (SHIFT) Use ability at focus target in sequence "Blink Strike, [PET ABILITY]". (CTRL) Use ability at closest player enemy target in sequence "Blink Strike, [PET ABILITY]". (ALT) Clear focus target.

    The following should also occur.

    -Use [PET ABILITY] Dash with all/no modifiers.
    -After sequence "Blink Strike, [PET ABILITY]" (SHIFT, CTRL, ALT) pet should re-attack main target (aka previous target).

    ....intense huh?

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    Oh, for some reason I thought about [noharm] which doens't work without the exists.

    I just logged on to a hunter to test it. It seems that it bugs out with pet abilities and doesn't recognize that you used it to get to the next spell (you are stuck at the pet ability in your sequence)
    I don't know if there is a solution for it, to be honest I don't like castsequence macros at all.

    But while I was on my hunter I saw that Blink Strike is casted by the player and doesn't trigger a global or anything to the pet
    /focus [@focus,noexists][@focus,dead]mouseover
    /targetenemyplayer [mod:ctrl,noharm][mod:ctrl,dead]
    /cast [@focus,mod:shift][@mouseover,harm,nodead][]Blink Strike
    /cast [@focus,mod:shift,pet:Crane][@mouseover,harm,nodead,pet:Crane][pet:Crane]Lullaby
    /cast [@focus,mod:shift,pet:Monkey][@mouseover,harm,nodead,pet:Monkey][pet:Monkey]Bad Manner
    /cast [@focus,mod:shift,pet:Scorpid][@mouseover,harm,nodead,pet:Scorpid][pet:Scorpid]Clench
    /cast [@focus,mod:shift,pet:Gorilla][@mouseover,harm,nodead,pet:Gorilla][pet:Gorilla]Pummel
    /cast [@focus,mod:shift,pet:Nether Ray][@mouseover,harm,nodead,pet:Nether Ray][pet:Nether Ray]Nether Shock
    /cast [@focus,mod:shift,pet:Warp Stalker][@mouseover,harm,nodead,pet:Warp Stalker][pet:Warp Stalker]Time Warp
    /cast [@focus,mod:shift,pet:Bird of Prey][@mouseover,harm,nodead,pet:Bird of Prey][pet:Bird of Prey]Snatch
    /clearfocus [mod:alt]
    While testing it I found an awkward behavior of Blink Strike: You CAN'T use it at your focus or mouseover target IF you don't have any target (doesn't matter if it is harm or not), tested it with the simple macro /cast [@focus] Blink Strike, and it said "no Target" but when I selected a target, I targeted my pet and another player, it worked and was casted to the focus target.
    Otherwise the macro should work, I hope.

    And for the Dash just add the line
    /cast Dash
    And to attack the previous target: some pet abilities have a cast time (e.g bad manner 0.5 sec cast time), you can't wait untill it finished the cast.
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    You sir.

    Kick ass!

    This is awesome thanks!!

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    I wish I could give you (+) rep!

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    This is a question you may be able to answer. Is it possible to make a macro that re-enables pet 'auto-casts' on dismiss, then on summon disables them? That way stampede can use the pet abilities. Let me know if you know the answer!

    Thanks again.

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