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    WeakAuras: Track Cast by SpellID

    Hello there.

    I'd like to create a WeakAuras icon that would trigger when a spell is cast by my target, but the cast have to be tracked by Spell ID and not by Spell Name. So I tried to go through trigger > status > cast, but the only option available is Spell Name.

    Do you know how can I manage to get it done? I'm far from being used to WeakAuras.


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    try combatlog event trigger with spell_cast_success

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    It doesn't propose an option to track the SpellID but only the Spell Name.

    Anyway the event needed is spell_cast_start. I guess I'll have to go through a custom/lua code, but have no idea how.

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    When you select spell_cast_success just put in the spellID in the name box.

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