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    [H] <Clarity> Arthas US 10m (6/6H, 6/6) LF Non-Warrior TANK (4d/wk)

    US - Arthas
    8/8 Heroic DS
    7/7 HM FL
    13/13 T11 Heroic

    *Server First Heroic Deathwing*
    *US Rank 57 Overall*
    *US Rank 20 10 Man*


    Raid Times
    Tues / Thurs / Mon - 7:30pm-11:00pm EST (+1 extra day during progression)
    We are going for realm first in MoP

    Positions Available

    TANK - (Anything except Warrior) MUST know their class VERY WELL. Need Logs for references.

    About Us
    Clarity is a stable 10 man that was created at the beginning of the Cataclysm expansion. It consists of 5 RL friends and people who we have played with over the years. We are all hardcore gamers who strive to achieve only the best. Our main healing core (hpally,rdruid,mistweaver) is unsurpassed.

    How to apply
    Do one of the following:

    - Apply to Clarity: http://clarity-arthas.guildomatic.com/
    - Contact the following players in game: Netherflame, Monkshot
    - Post a reply with your information

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