-Moderate need: Ranged DPS
-Moderate need: Heals, monk preferred


-Started from scratch a few months AFTER DS had come out by a group of core raiders that have raided together for years, ended up full clearing 8/8H before the last nerfs came out.
-Recruited to fill a 30m roster, slipped into 7th (6th on guildox.. not sure about that) 25m on a server.
-Recruiting right now to destroy MoP content, just need like minded players.

Raid Teams:
Tues/Thurs 8-12PM Server, 25m, Currently Running
-Led by Rithius, with input from veteran members.
-We're reasonably casual in farm, light but still serious during progression.
-8/8H DS, 888th world at the end of Cataclysm
-I lead with the assumption that you're doing your best, therefore I'm not going to bitch and yell at you as a raid leader if you mess up, I'm going to ask what you think messed you up so that we can learn from each others mistakes.

To apply, head to our guild website: Oozeling.Guildzilla.com

Guild Policies:
1. Respect. This is all I want, and I don't mean lavish us with respectful talk and don't walk on the sidewalks, I mean that if you're in this guild you have to have your head screwed on right. I'm a pretty blunt guy, and I'll lay it on you if you're doing something dumb or being a jerk. Don't use discriminatory terms, don't insult each other, etc.
2. Don't have too many guild policies.