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    Wind Lord - Halo or Cascade?

    Hey fellow priests.

    My guild is gonna progress on Wind Lord today, and i was wondering if Halo or Cascade (Shadow) would be the best.. Is it possible to get good Halos off, and will Cascade break the CC's on the targets, or wont it jump to them if you're not in range?

    Would love if people could tell what they found best?
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    IMO halo, the passive healing it would provide be great, and timed with the massive AoE could save the healers sanity too

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    Halo 100%. The add phase doesn't last very long and you can use halo in p2 as a dps increase as well as time the big heal for the bosses Rain of Blades.

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    Cascade wouldn't be optimal on the fight since the adds are grouped together. Halo wins on both damage and utility since a Halo timed during Rain of Blades can save lives.

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    Halo is great for windlord, both for healing and damage. I would even choose divine star over cascade if you are afraid of breaking CC with Halo.
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    All of our shadow priests used Halo, it was pretty helpful during rain of blades at the end of the fight

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    i picked divine star for this fight,

    as I am on dispel duty on boss + cc spear, i really didn't feel I could pull the APM to position for halo+recc+dispel+multidot 5-6 targets+worry with getting people out

    if you are not running as tight as I am here, or if you think you can manage all of the above, Halo is the much superior choice. Besides, cascade is a bit buggy on this fight. It hits one target everytime.

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    I use halo for every fight, the extra healing is always nice, critting 250k sometimes on tanks along with some good dps. I did Wind Lord yesterday and I was using Halo and it was fine, not optimal range but was still okay.

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    use halo for sure. Helps a lot to the healers.

    If you will one tank, two heal as us it will really help in Phase two, on the blade AOE.
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    Halo. The spike damage from rain of blades is incredible, and healers really struggle with this. Halo is amazing at burst healing the whole raid.

    Also, cascade sucks at dps for multi targets that are stacked together, as the cascade bolts don't get time to travel and hence build up damage. The first initial bolt from you does high damage, then the consequent bounces do jack since they have no distance to go. Save cascade for the next fight, it works really well on Amber Shaper

    Divine star is ok too but you'll do less healing on the ranged and healers.
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