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    Why should I be excited about the next 4 years with Obama?

    My last thread asking this was misunderstood. I'm just going to make this simple. I'm a Republican. I know we lost. I'm feeling depressed about the future. I want to understand the optimism that the Obama supporters are feeling and where they believe we're going over the next 4 years. I want to have a reason to hope. I hope this isn't misinterpreted to be anything other than the question I just asked.

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    I my opinion it really didn't matter who won. They were both bad choices. The thing is, the President doesn't really control as much as some people seem think. If the congress, senate and house of representatives don't agree with him almost nothing gets done. Which means little change good or bad.

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    Your thread is understandable. However this sort of thing is going to pit party vs party or left vs right.

    If you have specific concerns and can back them up with facts then please create a thread for each one. A general thread such as this is going to just be a flame-war eventually.

    When a topic gets closed, please PM one of the mods or supermods to discuss how to bring your concerns/questions to a productive thread.

    We're all about quality discussion here. These sorts of generalizations only bring out the worst in some posters.

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