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    Moonkin Assassination Video


    Movie showing moonkin ganking in Halfhill and Stormwind, big starsurge crits and good starfall coverage of Stormwind trade district.

    From the description:

    Since the mists lifted from the continent of Pandaria I have discovered that with the power of Celestial Alignment, Nature's vigil, Incarnation and Displacer Beast Moonkins are now Azeroth's premier assassins.

    As a result I have become a part of a secret society of assassins known as the League of Moonkin Assassins to rule the night and destroy the enemies of justice in whatever burrows they may hide in.

    This video contains secret plans passed down from the masters of this shadowy organisation teaching the art of moonkin assassination in the vermin heavy areas Halfhill and Stormwind.

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    Mildly informative but I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to remove this as advertising.
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